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  1. Rukiri

    Move events/player based on Radians of x/y

    I'm more or less looking for some help, mainly how events and players are moved as I already know the math behind the movement just how to control it in Mv. Math. Just swap Player with NPC and vice versa for the other way around, this would just move the event away from the player in any...
  2. Rukiri

    The end of the world "No, it won't end Tuesday"

    So with the election coming up Tuesday many are calling it the end of the world, doesn't matter which side you lean on. THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END WITHIN 48 HOURS Keep on doing what your doing as for me I'll be returning to my lovely bubble :)
  3. Rukiri

    Rukiri's RPG Resources and WIPs

    Hey everyone, I seem to be pretty popular in the resource thread and instead of just hogging the thread I'd create my own thread for that purpose. RPG Base WIP I'll also be redoing my Son Goku set once the base is complete.
  4. Rukiri

    Plans for Halloween?

    Anyone have any plans? Taking your kids out for trick or treating? Watching B movies on VRV? Being a complete idiot? For me, I'm watching themed movies and considering I work 12:30-9PM CST tomorrow, I'm basically doing that until I have to work. Sleep is for the weak!
  5. Rukiri

    Avatar - keeps reverting my previous avatar

    I've been trying to change my avatar for awhile, but regardless of what file I choose it keeps reverting to my last avatar. I've tried changing it on my phone, various browsers, and computers.
  6. Rukiri

    Pokemon Spaceworld 1997 demo leaked!

    I was pretty busy when this got leaked and it ended up on my youtube feed, the demo always intrigued me over the years as the actual game was vastly different from what what shown years prior.
  7. Rukiri

    Dragonball FighterZ

    Anyone else playing the game? Pretty fun, and for once (minus Super DBZ back on the PS2) it's not a crappy fighting game! GASP! If you are playing the game, what's your team? Mine is. - Goku Black - Super Saiya-jin Son Goku - "Lord" Yamcha
  8. Rukiri

    How do you choose a tile size, does it even matter?

    For the most part for things like cliffs, rocks, etc it doesn't as you usually will repeat some tiles to get a desired height but then you have trees which for the most part have 1 size but the base of the tree could possibly be extended. Tiles are something I just try and avoid and would just...
  9. Rukiri

    Sit & Stand Desks?

    What is your stance on them and would you buy one? I'm planning on buying one once I get paid in a few days and already have the desk well desks in my cart :) The reason why I'm buying a sit/stand desk is because inactivity leads to well inactivity, boredom, and you're just not that productive...
  10. Rukiri

    Zelda style Pushback

    Granted MV probably isn't the best tool for a fast paced A-RPG, it should manage to be able to do Seiken Densetsu 3 which basically has a similar knockback. // vec1 is the player and vec2 is the enemy movdir = Mathf.Rad2Deg(Mathf.Atan2(vec1.transform.position.y -...
  11. Rukiri

    Editor Plugins

    Description of the Feature: Allows users to program custom editor tools to move forward with their project - Code for Implementation: This is a complex request, and an entire api would need to be written. Mockups: "since the idea is to create custom editor tools just think of custom tile...
  12. Rukiri

    How large is too large "for a rpg sprite"

    I've been working on a lot of hand drawn assets "then retraced digitally with pixels" and thought... why not up the resolution to 1080p (in game 960x540 which scales to 4k nicely) But how large is too large, largest I've worked with is 124x240 granted this is for a fighting game but should...
  13. Rukiri

    Affinity anyone?

    If you don't know what Affinity is it's a set of programs designed around vector and bitmap editing or creation "similar to Photoshop and Illustrator" and developed by serif. There's two applications, Designer, and Photo and cost about $50 each but you can go grab photo right now for $39.99...
  14. Rukiri

    What's your favorite pixel art tool?

    Pixel art has exploded over the last decade, so beg's the question.  What's your favorite pixel art tool? The interface is pretty much a make or break since you technically could do everything in mspaint, don't think macOS ships with a paint program anymore...    My favorites are. -...
  15. Rukiri

    Windows 10 - Not yet ready...

    Windows 10 arrived back in July and for the most part has been a pleasant experience, but as of late it's been riddled with driver issues where the video driver would just crash and quite often!  There's also choppy audio but only with Game Development software (unreal engine 4, unity3D, RPGMV...
  16. Rukiri

    Post your desktop! - August 2015

    Title says it all.
  17. Rukiri

    CS:Go anyone?

    I'm not keen when it comes to first person shooters but CS:GO is pretty fun, I mainly stick to death matches as it's instant respawn. If anyone wants to play my steam ID is rukiri89  "I change my profile name quite often depending on the mood" right now it's Super Muffin! 
  18. Rukiri

    Mechanical Keyboards "Do you have one?"

    I'm curious if anyone got in on mechanical keyboards? I myself own several, an original IBM Model M, a Unicomp PC-122. 3 corsair k95 RGB (MX-Blue(1), MX-Brown(2)), and a few WASD keyboards in storage.  I'm personally right now using a PC-122, what keyboard are you using?
  19. Rukiri

    [RGSS3] Custom Push Back

    Here's the math. radians = degrees * Math::PI / 180 degree = radians(Math.atan2(hero.y - ai.y, ai.x - hero.x))hero and ai are arguments that can be changed by just calling it in an event.  Well let me explain what the script should do, the hero or event can one or the other back based on the...
  20. Rukiri

    Input animation lag?

    Hey everyone! I've just noticed recently, maybe because I got a new 4K monitor^^  that the actor has input animation lag, it seems every key press you'd see the player going into it's walk cycle.   If I press "Down" once, the player moves but no animation, press "Down" again and I see the actor...

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