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  1. Morlock_Chef

    Morlock's Kitchen

    Credit: Morlock_Chef, Kadokawa Non-Commercial: These resources can be used for non-commercial projects Commercial: For commercial use, please contact me ( Repost: Do not repost my material. Edits: Are allowed (much of it is edits anyway) Repost of Edits: Credit me as...
  2. Morlock_Chef

    Overdue greetings!

    I've been a fan of makers for some time; though I admit I've been a little skittish around forums. After years of playing around and not taking things seriously, I decided it's time to move forward and start bringing my ideas to life. The best way to do that is to properly join - after I've been...

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It's my cute little ghost~
Minecraft Dungeons is a great example of a game that's much simpler than other games in its genre but almost as equally immersive and fun to play. Lotta RPGmaker devs could learn from that lesson.
Well, it's been a while since the last time I came here... Is there a JS scripting FAQ? I'd like to know what it's capable of achieving, and how :rswt
I love the Time Fantasy tiles, but haven't played anything made with it yet. Can anyone recommend me something?
Vote for what I show more indepth on Twitter tomorrow from the MZ default resources

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