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  1. Indra

    New project with just the files needed won't playtest - help?

    I wanted to start a new project using POP Horror set, and planning on using custom BGM, SFX, etc. So I thought it would be a good idea to just open a new project, and then delete everything I don't think I need (audios, animations, imgs, etc), and copy paste the DLC contents into the relevant...
  2. Indra

    RMMV Kristamata - a short RPG story

    Hey everybody! I just finished translating my game from Indonesian to English and it's available now for free download on The details are as follows. Kristamata Kristamata is a short RPG about two highschool students, Kenji and Kazuya, from Sierra Valley Highschool who are trying...
  3. Indra

    Animation failed to load in deployed game

    This is my first time deploying a game to windows. When I play it on my windows machine, in battle it always fail to load animations of enemy attacking, and stuck. Any idea on how to fix this? When I deploy the game I check exclude unused, is this the problem? Or should I remove unused stuff...
  4. Indra

    BGM and BGS setup

    Hey everyone, How do you go about setting BGM and BGS for each of your map? Do you event it, or do you put in map edit? I want to know the best practice for this. Sorry for noob question :rswt Thanks,
  5. Indra

    About POP! Horror DLCs

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, and noob in RM. I have a question regarding the POP! Horror DLC from VexedEnigma @Vexed. Btw, I love the DLC so much! I bought all of them already before I even think about what to do with them, lol. So, here are some of my questions. Tileset collision: Do we have...
  6. Indra

    Just got into game developing.

    Hey everyone, my name is Indra. I'm a 39 yo dude from Jakarta, Indonesia. (Anyone here from Indonesia?) So I just got into game making recently. Started learning to use GameSalad and published a couple of Android music apps. Now my resolution for this year, is I want to make my first RPG...

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