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  1. beliziam

    RMMV Ateres Revival

    No closed doors! If there is a door you can enter it somehow. Openable closets! [/SPOILER]
  2. beliziam

    Resized for MV Refmap RPG MAKER 2000 Sets edited by Beliziam

    Since a couple of guys asked me to release my refmap edits or better called my resizes for RPG Maker MV i'm going to do that here. I edited the stuff so that it fits my working style so some of you maybe confused about why i put certain stuff together. There are a couple of errors in the...
  3. beliziam

    [MV-Characters] Looking for tall sprites

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description:  Im looking for tall character sprites. The very best would be all MV rtp characters in a tall version.  The ultimate goal would be to have all generator parts of the mv rtp in a tall version. 
  4. beliziam

    Want to display an one tile sized animation on the map

    Hello guys, i created a 21 frame long animation which should happen after a player solves a puzzle. I want to display it on the screen on one tile. Basically its the spawn of the chest after the puzzle is completed. Ive tried to do it with a character but it doesnt work as i want it to. I...
  5. beliziam

    Question regarding new GCH Portfolio Edition

    I've got a question regarding the new version of GCH. According to the steam reviews the new version is simply the same GCH just with the addition of MV character sprites. Now i want to know how Degica thinks about the topic since they are publishing it. Also the developer stated that the mv...

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