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  1. GumboSoup

    Fixed cast or changing protagonists?

    Hello! I'm thinking of delving into the exciting world of RPG Maker with a first project in this engine - a classical, somewhat humorous quest to slay a dragon. That shouldn't be too much of a problem considering that I already have some experience in game development and that RPG Maker is...
  2. GumboSoup

    Region messages

    Hello! Is there a plug in out there that would display a text message depending on the region you are in on the overland map? As if you're in a forest and there's a display message "Enchanted Forest", you move to the plains and it's "Desolate Flatlands" and so on? A lot of games back in the...
  3. GumboSoup

    Suggestions for good SF/horror games to study?

    Hi there! I've been casually working on an idea for a sci fi horror game and it seems to me RPGMaker MV might just be the engine for the job! I already have some experience in game development and I've bought RPGMaker on a bit of a whim - but it does seem to be quite a capable little beast so...
  4. GumboSoup

    A weapon with two simultaneous different attacks?

    Heya! What do you think, how would one go about creating a weapon with two different attack procs happening in the same action? Like a sword which has a +10 attack followed by a +6 attack of a different element (like fire or something). Is this even possible in RMMV do without some plugin I...
  5. GumboSoup

    (SOLVED) On-the-fly item generation using Yanfly's ItemCore

    Hi! This new game-thing I'm working on is going to be quite retro dungeoncrawling with a heavy emphasis on the weird and wonderful items you can stumble into (both random or pre-defined). I've already downloaded and installed the excellent Yanfly's ItemCore and AttachAugments plugins. However...

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