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  1. styx92

    Olivia - Order Turn Battle System: <Custom Start Turn> Bug

    Hey Guys, as the topic names says, i have a problem with the Order Turn Battle System in collaboration with Yanflys Buffs and States Core. If i use in a state the <Custom Start Turn> tag, than the tag always applies at the beginning of the Round and not at the specific actors turn. This also...
  2. styx92

    Yanflys Doodads shakes if use Galv Cam

    Like the threat name says. I use yanflys doodads and galvs cam plugin. But if i set doodads and than walk arround, the doodads will shaking or jumping a bit. This kills the usage of yanfly doodads because it looks really wierd -.- Here are the plugins: Galvs Cam...
  3. styx92

    SumRndmDde Camera Core Problem

    I get the camera core plugin from SumRndmDde and i have the problem, that if i zoom in and now the camera dont follow the actor in the edge of any map. I cant see the wall or anything thats in the corner of the map. If i go some tiles in the center of the map the camera works perfectly and...
  4. styx92

    MBS Zoom Script Coordinate Fix

    Hey guys. I have one problem. If i use some things that will displayed on events like galvs message styles or an notification window, that appears over the players head, than it all get shifted. Here a screenshot as example: Is there a way to fix it? SRDs Camera Core do not have this...
  5. styx92

    Yanfly Job Points reset

    Hey guys.   Im using yanflys job points plugin and want an option to reset the points.  There are only a plugin command to get the current points into a variable but i want to get all points,  the spended points,  too.  Maybe someone has experience with this feature :)   Thanks :)  
  6. styx92

    Change item maximum ingame

    Hey guy,  My sugesstion is in the title. I use yanfly core and item core, but there you can only make notetags. But i want to change the maximum amount for an item ingame via plugin or scriptcalls. This would be awesome if someone can help :)
  7. styx92

    Yanflys word wrap formating problem

    Hey guys. I have a REAL problem. I changed my screen soultion with yanflys core plugin. But there apears a problem: Now i have soooo much more room in my message box. And it looks wierd. Also i activates yanflys wordwrap function in his message core plugin. And now this happens:  ...
  8. styx92

    Use item and get another

    Hey guys. Mabye a easy thing, but i want to create a water bottle. And if you use it, than the item removes, but i want to get an empty bottle at the same moment. I know, i can do it with common events, but i have many items where this will be happend and i dont want to create a few common...
  9. styx92

    Compatibility between Galvs Message Busts and MBS Map Zoom

    Hey there. I make it short. I use Galv message busts and the MBS Map Zoom plugin. It works pretty together without crashs or else, but if i have a message bust and at the same time i have zoomed in or out, the message bust dont geht zoomed. Than it looks so:   Ignore the black lines...
  10. styx92

    Need a few eval commands

    Hey guys. I searched, but i dont find a few eval commands, that i need for my project. first: i need a command to check the attack state rate. If the actor have a attack state for 50% bleeding. I only found a command for element rates: actor.elementRate(ID) second: i want to check the...
  11. styx92

    Add state with variable to death state

    Hello there, i tried to make a death state that adds one new state by removing the death state. i'm using yanfly's Buffs and State Core The new state should be one of three states. Here is my "script" xD <Custom Remove Effect> if(1 === \v[1] && a.isActor()) { ###check if...
  12. styx92

    Battler state colour effects

    Hey guys, someone now a plugin or can create some to change the colour of enemys or actors for a frozen or a petrified state? I have create more images for my actors example: petrified = grey. But for every enemy a extra image is not an option, there must be a easier way.  I think many...
  13. styx92

    yanfly In-Battle Status compatibility with VE-Battle Command

    Hello there. :) The new plugin from yanfly released last saturday. Now you can watch your actor state details in its own menu in battle!  Really great! My problem is, that i use victor battle command. I install yanflys plugin and the tag from the battle status will be shown. But if i...
  14. styx92

    Store current actor ID into variable

    Hey guys. I have mabye a simple question. I need to know a scriptcall or somethinh to check the current actor in battle. The id from the actor, who is on turn actually.  Example: current actor id = variable  Please help :/
  15. styx92

    Overdrive System

    Hey guys. I want to create an overdrive system for my game. But i dont want to create only a new stype point in my command list, thats to bad for me :D I use yanflys party limited gauge for the overdrive requirement. And i use MogHunters BattleHud -> Victors Plugins BattleHud. Thats the...
  16. styx92

    YEP Event Chase Stealth - Stealth Region

    Hello Guys, i have a short question. I use for my stealth system the event chase stealth from Yanfly. But i have one single problem, in my game the actor go into stealth at a specific Regio ID. He hides in the shadows and this works, but i want the actor get transparent and a specific...

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