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  1. Edilsonsoares

    How to change or represent the character just for a moment?

    I was wondering if I can change the graph of the character for a while for example he does animation and then goes back to the normal graph first he does frame 1, then 2 and finally 3 and then he goes back to the normal character
  2. Edilsonsoares

    How to remove some continue on title screen without plugins

    I'm using galv's new game plus, and as my game is short I need to remove the option to continue from the title screen, I tried to take it with title screen plugins, but as they "create" another title screen I can't use it anymore Galv's new game plus, so I was wondering if you can remove this...
  3. Edilsonsoares

    Rpg maker mv can get information from computer?

    I was wondering if there is any mode or plugin that takes the username, or uses PC time, such as game time, or any plugin that does something similar, taking information from the computer and using it in the game   Thank you very much in advance :elhappy::hhappy:
  4. Edilsonsoares

    Yanfly, switch that remains on. when starting a new game

    I had seen a yanfly plugin, which switch that remains on. when starting a new game, but I'm looking like crazy, and I'm not finding, does anyone know the name of the plugin?
  5. Edilsonsoares

    Item menu with side by side items as STARDEW VALLEY

    I don't like how the items are organized in the rpg maker mv menu, there is something to change that in the settings or with some plugin and it gets organized without appearing the item name in the menu and leaving it side by side like in the game Item menu with side by side items as STARDEW VALLEY?
  6. Edilsonsoares

    HP condition on the map

    In the bar condition of the actor there are several things, name, class and etc. but there is no one for HP, I need to know if it's like, reducing the HP of the character reaches 1 and needed to play an event when it arrives at 1
  7. Edilsonsoares

    Does anyone know the name or know this plugin?

    I saw this plugin in the best Moghunter plugins list (6:10) And this in the list of plugins of "tomy's plugin" I looked at everything but did not find anything Nothing about (And I really need this plugin for my game)
  8. Edilsonsoares

    Giving items to npcs

    Giving items to npcs I would like to give a certain item to npc For example, I stay near npc, open the menu, click on the item, and give it to ncp and something happens that is already scheduled in the event. Would be like tomba of ps1 I tried to do with common events but it did not work :(
  9. Edilsonsoares

    Hair Records / Sheets

    I'm in desperate need of a hair sprite leaves or grass I need to put this characters here I tried to make myself more was not cool  ;_;
  10. Edilsonsoares

    Script to change the queue

    I wanted a script that changes the way the line of the game is. The line of the game is in a line and the characters walk very well one after the other Then wanted a script that changes this, For example, the characters are a little behind or go faster and do not walk Perfectly one...

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