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  1. Anyone

    Help with MP Damage being shown in Custom React Effect (Yanfly Buffs & States Core)

    Hi, I'm having a minor visual problem that nontheless keeps nagging at me. I've created a "Magic Guard" effect that works like a guard effect, except it blocks up to 75% of the incoming damage but reduces the mp by 1/4 of the original damage. (Basically, a shield is created that absorbs the...
  2. Anyone

    Controlled Screen Fading In/Out (for pin-point cutscene control)

    Controlled Screen Fading In/Out by Anyone What's this about? You learn how to do advanced fading in and fading out effects that are absolutely under your control for the perfect cutscene / event design. This can be done very quickly and effectively. Description: Sometimes, when you design...
  3. Anyone

    Add text to the Game_Message of the Dialogue Window that persists on second viewings

    So, I'm working on a way to read the FaceName of the picture in a Show Text event and then add text to the existing text based on that. So far, everything is working...but only the first time around. //This adds ActorBust commands automatically Bust|Bustmirror|LightSelf|DimOther|Expression var...
  4. Anyone

    Blinking Actor Picture (Moghunter's ActorPictureCM)

    I've been at this for probably over 10 hours and still have no idea why this isn't working, so I figure I could use some help from a more experienced coder. The idea: I'm trying to get the blink function in Moghunter's ActorPictureCM to work. This will by default, ever now and then, overlay the...
  5. Anyone

    Advanced Light & Night effects

    I'm currently working on a project that features a day & night system. We're currently using GALV's LayerGraphics to create a light overlay that gets activated at nighttime to create light effects, such as light shining from windows and illumination & shadow coming from windows. As you can...
  6. Anyone

    Whitespace causing regex to pick up wrong array content (Irina VisualNovelBusts)

    I've got a small but still annoying bug I want to fix in the Irina VisualNovelBusts plugin. ( The Situation: If I use the escape code \bustMsgExp[x, y] in a Show text event it switches the face used in bustslot x to y. So if I make a showtext...
  7. Anyone

    Anyone's Message_Face_Switcher v1.2

    Anyone's Message_Face_Switcher v1.2 by Anyone Introduction: This is a small plugin made for my current project that allows the game to switch out the message face for the face of an actor designated in the message face's file name. Features: Easy switching of faces to actor faces without...
  8. Anyone

    Switching Message Window Face & Facename for Actor Face & Facename (Irina_VisualNovelBusts Issue)

    Hey, javascript newbie here. My team bought the Visual Novel Busts plugin for RPG Maker MV by RPG Maker Irina. Unfortunately, the plugin does not support using the Actor's face, only the message face. All attempts to bypass that via script calls, script calls in text via escape plugins, \af[x]...
  9. Anyone

    Adding Weathereffects to Moghunter's Weather EX

    Okay, so I've got an issue I need help with. Warning, I'm an absolute beginner who, for the most part, has no idea what he's doing. The issue is with Moghunter's RMV - Weather EX. I don't know the rules for posting someone else's scripts for support purposes, but just to be safe, I'll only...
  10. Anyone

    Allowing brackets [] in regex

    Okay, so I've got two issues I need help with. Warning, I'm an absolute beginner who, for the most part, has no idea what he's doing. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue 1: The first is a small one with Jeneeus Guruman's Graphics Auto-Changer. It's...
  11. Anyone

    Call Common Event on Map Entrance/Exit based on Mapnotes

    Hey, I'm an absolute beginner and basically don't know anything about javascript. I'm trying to get a plugin done that allows me to have common events fire off automatically on map entrance & exit based on mapnotes. That...should not be difficult. In fact, there's a script that pretty much...
  12. Anyone

    Dark Fantasy FG graphics into generator parts

    Hi, I'm working on a tall body generator. To fit the generator's character sprites, I need the face pictures of the Dark Fantasy characters as RPGMV generator parts. Essentiallity, the clothing and the headgear would have to fit the default male & female facesets. That means the clothing and...
  13. Anyone

    [TAB] The Tall Adult Body Generator Project (V0.9 Beta released)

    DLC Pack 1 "Fat Merchant" (People1_5) added Update 1 for v.91 uploaded Warning: You need to own the RPG MAKER MV and have the Dark Fantasy character pack to use this. Beta Version: This is a beta version. Some things may not function perfectly, the FG portrait pictures are still a work in...

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