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  1. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    [MV] Need some help finding a certain battleback plugin.

    Hey all! Back in VX Ace, there was a plugin that distorted the battle backgrounds with a sort of heat wave effect, this website does a similar thing, while this video demonstrates it in action. I believe it was made by Moghunter...
  2. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    [Windows 8.1] Playtest White Screen Glitch

    Hello, this problem has only just happened to me and I would appreciate some help. So, anytime I try to playtest or run game.exe in a deployed file, it just shows a white screen with no name. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me. As you can see, it's in...
  3. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    First Person?

    So a while back someone made a first person engine in Ace. Is this possible to recreate in MV? Thank you.
  4. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    Is there a plugin to show attack animations on actors?

    Like, in 2k3, attack animations from enemies showed up on actors. Is there any plugin that fixes that in MV?
  5. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    I cannot open my project

    Hello everyone. So I've been making a game just like everybody else here, it was going great and all, when suddenly, I restart my computer, and RPG Maker comes up as a blank slate. I thought that was a bit weird, so I tried to open my game project. Whenever I...

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