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  1. Rokazulu

    RMVXA Path of Vidya (Modern, Story Driven RPG w/ Sci-fi elements)

    Modern/Sci-fi Role-Playing Story Driven with Classic Turn-Based Action [LIST] Discover the true nature of "Vidya" a technology introduced to Gaia by an unknown cause Level up your characters, acquire equipment, gain new "Vidya" skills, while exploring the world Designed to be a modern day RPG...
  2. Rokazulu

    Uploading Thumbnail crashes game

    When I go to Project Management menu option and upload my image (exactly 544x544 .bmp 24-bit image) It will crash my game and not upload the image. I have tried moving the image to various folders on my computer, tried uploading different sizes and even .jpg but nothing seems to work. Any idea...
  3. Rokazulu

    Create a different death state for actor and enemies?

    Due to the nature of my game, I need to create two different death states for actor and enemies when HP reaches 0. Only purely for definition/labeling purposes these two states won't differ at all. But, they do need to be named differently. Is this possible to do? So for instance, when an...
  4. Rokazulu

    RMVXA Path of Vidya (Modern/Sci-fi RPG)

    Modern/Sci-fi Role-Playing Story Driven Turn-Based Action Discover the true nature of "Vidya" a technology introduced to Gaia by an unknown cause Level up your characters, acquire equipment, gain new "Vidya" skills, while exploring the world Designed to be a modern day RPG taking place in a...
  5. Rokazulu

    Timed Attack + Cast Animation ?

    I was wondering if it was possible to edit the timed attack script to allow both of these scripts to work in conjunction: Galv's timed button attacks: # Galv's Timed Button Attacks...
  6. Rokazulu

    Yanfly's Party Script (Formation problem)

    I am not sure if this is a script problem or not. But, I use Yanfly's party script So I want one actor locked into front position (the first actor you play as), but he leaves the party early in the game and then rejoins the party. Thus I Add...
  7. Rokazulu

    Problem with Galv timed hit script [Defending issue]

    I'm using Galv's timed hit script: It works great, except that when I defend there is no change in damage for the actor. It is suppose to reduce the damage by the multiplier amount. Script I have setup so far: I believe all I'm...
  8. Rokazulu

    Fadeout screen after battle processing

    After a boss fight I want the screen to fadeout so that it won't show the previous scene's event but instead show a black screen which I can fade in at my leisure so that instead it will show the boss dead, or whatever I want. I know I can fade out the screen before the boss battle to make sure...
  9. Rokazulu

    Transfer RPG Maker VX Ace to MV?

    I just now looked at all the features for RPG Maker MV. Right now I have a game nearly complete on RPG maker VX Ace but, I want to utilize some of the features on MV such as the side-battle and the advanced face generator. I assume there is no way to transfer my files simply over, but: Do you...
  10. Rokazulu

    Message box art questions

    I am wondering if there is any free graphical images for message boxes available online. Did a lot of searching and couldn't find anything specific. Also, a script that automatically changes it would also be acceptable. If not, that is ok. I could probably make my own, but then my question...
  11. Rokazulu

    Help with Galv's Timed Button Attacks script

    I am working on getting this script to work. I haven't changed anything in the script except for what it allows me to change, but it isn't working for me. It says put it "under" a battle script. Is it talking about within the sidebar of scripts or literally beneath the battle script? I'm using...
  12. Rokazulu

    Is there a way to make a sprite look like they are sitting in a side chair?

    I always find it a little ugly when I put side chairs or couches where the character is sitting on the arms of the chair. I was wondering in what ways can I make it so the arms of the chair are overlapping the sprite. Is this possible without making a new sprite that includes both the chair and...
  13. Rokazulu

    Requesting Character sprite recolor and more

    Resource Type: Character sprite Maker Format: RPG MAKER VX ACE Description: I would like the recolor of this sprite to be red instead of green. As well as I would like a full beard if that is possible to do. Everything else can stay the same. I created a portrait image for this character to...
  14. Rokazulu

    Cutscene Skip not working properly

    I'm using this Cutscene Skip script ║ "How do I change the prompt style?" ║ ║ Right click anywhere in the script editor and select "Find" (or CTRL + F) ║ ║ search...
  15. Rokazulu

    Yanfly's Party system, caterpillar not working I use this script, however for whatever reason the caterpillar effect will not work for anything over the default 4 players. But, battle system works fine, I can have 6 people onscreen for that. Was wondering if anyone could...
  16. Rokazulu

    Cutscene interruption after battle

    When I have a boss battle within a cutscene and the players defeat the boss. Usually I want to immediately have the boss dead on the ground. However, after coming out of the battle you will see the boss alive then a second later he switches to death. Is there a way for the player to not see the...
  17. Rokazulu

    Quick probably easy question about Yanfly's party script

    I want to increase the amount of party members in the middle of the game. So it says to replace MAX_MEMBERS_VARIABLE's constant with a variable. Which I made called partymembers that is variable 26. But, I don't know what to put in there because $game_variable[26] doesn't work apparently. So I...
  18. Rokazulu

    Odd text box glitches

    The text boxes sometime cutoff too early when I do the "show choice" option. If you notice in the examples, the choice text is cut off in the first image. It should read "Indeterminate" and "Self-referential" The second image's main text box should have 3 more lines after it. No idea how...
  19. Rokazulu

    Tweaking this checkpoint script

    Bravo's checkpoint script located here: I want to tweak it just a bit. What happens when you die is that it instantly goes to the checkpoint in a seamless transition. I would like for it to first go to a screen that says "You died" with music playing, THEN transition into the checkpoint. Not...
  20. Rokazulu

    Counter Attack script for which skills can be countered

    I was looking for a script for CNT state that changes what skills can be countered. Right now, all that can be countered is "Attack", but I have made enemies have abilities such as "Attack +" or "Sneak Attack" which I also want the player to be able to counter. But, I haven't found a script that...

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