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  1. Henryetha

    Unable to save - possible causes?

    On my last project one player reported, he wasn't able to save through the whole game. I have tested it already myself, downloaded the rar I've uploaded before, played, saved, no issues.. Other players don't seem to have this issue aswell (it has been let's played, no issue there). I have NO...
  2. Henryetha

    RMMV Exorcist's Path - Part I of the trilogy ready!

    Exorcist's Path After they've failed to seal the Underworld Goddess Duessa forever, a new prophecy was born. A prophecy of a hero, destined to save the world. But he is just a child.. How much power does he truly have? And.. who is the girl, next to him..? SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS VIDEO...
  3. Henryetha

    Different assets?

    Hi! I have already VX Ace for its assets and am working with MV. My question is, if it is worth to get VX for the assets (graphics/audios) or if they are the same as in VX Ace. Thanks beforehand for your time.
  4. Henryetha

    War Battle Drums, request

    Resource Type: BGM/BGS (Battle) Description: War Drums. Exotic, or with some celtic touch. Not too many other sounds beside the drums. Examples: If there's a DLC, I will gladly get it. I have been searching and couldn't find one with this kind of BGM..
  5. Henryetha

    RMMV Hide & Seek!

    Hide & Seek! is a free short quiz game in retro style. Download: Platform: Windows Size: 59 MB Features: 2 Quiz categories to choose from Randomly generated math operations Multiple possible endings Happy colors Happy smileys Happy sprites Friends...
  6. Henryetha

    Yanfly Item Upgrade Slots - add Slots on full Item?

    So let's say, a weapon starts by default with 2 slots. Now there are ATK Scrolls and MAT Scrolls. Besides this there is a Tool to add another Slot. In the Note field of that Tool (Item) is following: <Upgrade Weapon Type: 0> <Upgrade Effect> Slots: +1 </Upgrade Effect> So far so good. The...
  7. Henryetha

    Yanfly JP + Item Upgrade Slots

    I wonder if and how it is possible, to spend the earned Job Points (JP) to add more Upgrade Slots to a weapon or armor. Like.. you start with your sword having 2 slots on default. While you fight enemies you gain JP. Then you spend the earned JP to add a third slot to your sword (no need in the...
  8. Henryetha

    "Receive less DMG from Plant Monster"? How implement it?

    As title says, as example. I'm sure, after all it'll be pretty simple, but I don't get it. So.. I want to add various races/properties on monsters, then add items being influenced by them. Example: "Deal more damage to elfs" (I don't have elfs tho, but as example ^^) Thought of using...
  9. Henryetha

    Soulpour777's character select + Summons

    Well, I'm using this character selection plugin by soulpour777 Now I encounter the problem that it's giving error after listing some of the planned summons in the actor database, as it's requiring an image of them for the...
  10. Henryetha

    Fighting Game made with RPGM

    Well, reason I create this topic is the rather "so lala" feedback of a demo of my first game "In the Dark", I've been working on the past 6 months. Those who tested it, didn't like it too much because of its lack of story and too many battles (for some too challenging aswell). I have been...
  11. Henryetha

    Battle Drums / War Drums (bgm needed)

    I've been looking in the internet, and found this one yet This is nice, too, but probably copyrighted, anyway just an example: So.. I'd need some battle drum bgms. Using the one above yet (the soundcloud one), but a few more for variation would be nice.
  12. Henryetha

    Game shuts down, no error message

    So.. I wanted to test a demo version of my Game, already deployed and ran into an issue: During 2 hours of total gameplay the game shut down twice without any error message, it simply closed. This never happened in any test play tho. First time was after entering a battle, second time...
  13. Henryetha

    Henryetha here. Hi!

    I've been a few weeks in this forum now, but never too late to introduce, right?  So.. in the Internet I use to call myself Henryetha, however my real name is Jennifer, I live in Germany and I'm 33 years. Since I've been a little girl, I play videogames. January I finally started to...
  14. Henryetha

    Menu for Collections

    So.. what I'm looking for, is a way to implement "Collections" in the Main Menu. In many games you can find this kind of system yet; the player collects various items, cards, runes (w/e) during his adventure.  In some games every collected Item gives a permanent stat/bonus. In other games...

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