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  1. Ssozi

    [XP/VX/Ace] ItemMax

    Allohah everybody ! I'm glad to show my last little creation (very useful jajaja) ItemMax Authors : Biwy/Ssozi License : Just ask for commercial use. Features : - It allows you to change the maximum amount we can have of each object. - Works for items, weapons and armors. - No script...
  2. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

      Biwy : Main script. Nuki & Grim : Additional scripts. Azell & TSFH & Audiomachine : Musics.     And for their moral support () & their ideas : Ajisai, Kouett, Maè, Gelarto, Garruk, Kurofidy, fabY, Rose Noire, Medal, Mimiko, Olowynd, Numina's team and all the french communities.   Hi everyone...
  3. Ssozi

    Specific Drop

    Hi everybody, A long time ago, someone requested me a script and here I am ! I share it with everybody.   Specific Drop I've no image to describe this, sorry The script is here, and he allows you to have a specific drop when you kill enemy A with skill B. For those who use the Victory...
  4. Ssozi

    IB-like menu

    Hi everyone ! ~IB-like Menu~ Author : Biwy/Ssozi License : None. Just ask for commercial use. Description : A long time ago, a friend requested me a script : an IB-like menu (like the one shown on the screen). Features : - display an image for the backgroung - shows some items of the...

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