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  1. unity

    How to change Message Box commands?

    Is it possible to change the names of the commands that display in the message box without using custom message box graphics? Thanks! ^_^
  2. unity

    Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

    Weird and unfortunate things are happening in the city of Daybreak. To the rest of the world, the city seems to have simply vanished, but inside, it has become a playground for mysterious beings who see humans only as hosts for their own amusement. Alicia’s a bit strange. She still...
  3. unity

    Equip Menu Issue With Luna Engine

    Hello! ^_^ I'm having some trouble with the Luna Engine setup in my game, specifically in the Equip screen, and I was wondering if there was something obvious that I am mising. Here are the problems:  1) The menu that tells you what items are available to equip doesn't quite work properly. ...
  4. unity

    Hello everyone! unity here! :D

    Hello! My name's unity! I joined over a year ago, but have been pretty quiet. I'm mostly active over on RMN, but I'd very much like to get more active here, too, so this is a start ^_^ I absolutely love making games with RPG Maker. I primarily use Ace these days but have used most of the...

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