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  1. BadLittleSeed

    Yanfly GF Doodads Stopped Working

    (Thanks for moving my post, mods. :dizzy:) This happened just recently. Playtesting game, wanted to rearrange some doodads, hit F10 and... nothing. My doodads are still there, but I can't open the interface. It was working fine five hours ago, no problems with any of my other plugins. So, I...
  2. BadLittleSeed

    Plugin Order/Menu Problem[SOLVED]

    Hello! I took some screenshots of my current MV plugins and menu screen. When I first open the menu screen, my actor's faces won't show up. When I close the menu and open it again, they show up properly, only to disappear again at random. Thanks for taking the time to look at this in...
  3. BadLittleSeed

    Gameplay tutorial - which do you prefer?

    Ah, the halcyon days of actual instruction booklets in game cases... trying to keep them out of the hands of younger siblings, bemoaning your lament if they got something spilled on them (omg get the paper towels), got ripped (where's the TAPE?!) or went missing (did the DOG eat it?). Never...
  4. BadLittleSeed

    Please Help with Floating Bridge Event

    So I have a floating bridge made out of separate sections. I'm using 'set movement route' events to make the character hop across from one end to the other. I get to the opposite side, and a switch triggers that allows the character to hop back across. However, when I attempt to cross over a...
  5. BadLittleSeed

    Static or Animated Combat?

    So I've decided I want to use Front-facing battlers and Actors with their backs turned to the player (is there a term for that? Rear-facing?) for my game-in-development, DISHARMONIA. I'd really like some feedback on what style would provide the most involved look and feel for combat sequences...
  6. BadLittleSeed

    Sandstone Outdoor/Dungeon Tiles

    Resource Type: Tileset Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: RMMV RTP Description: I'm currently using the sand/desert/dirt tiles for an area in my game called 'The Sandstone Scar' and they really don't fit the location. I searched the forums and did some quick Google-fu before posting this...
  7. BadLittleSeed

    Forward-Facing Enemies

    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right section. SV combat is popular, but I've decided to use forward/front facing enemies in DISHARMONIA. I've seen other RPG Maker versions that use them - my question is, can those enemies be imported to RMMV, and if so would I need to purchase the other...
  8. BadLittleSeed


    Some reminders before playing my demo! The controls are basic for both keyboard and controller (no fancy settings). There will be a proper Combat/Gameplay tutorial in the finished Chapter. The World Map and Quest Journal are just pretty icons in your inventory (for now). Talk to everyone, and...
  9. BadLittleSeed


    Hi there! Wow... RPG Maker has come a looooooong way since the first time I experienced it on the PSX. Long story short, my hubby recently gifted me with RMMV and well, here I am. Looking forward to getting to know all you wonderful Makers/Scripters/Modders and Testers! You can call me Seed...

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