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  1. Deckiller

    2014 IGMC Results!

        Contest Winners Finally Revealed!   The time has finally come! First off, we want to thank everyone for your patience: the contest was far larger than anyone anticipated, and we had approximately 800 games to experience. Many entries were truly exceptional and scored high, proving there is a...
  2. Deckiller

    Clarification on commercial vs. non-commercial

    Hi guys. First off, our apologies: after some discussion with Lunarea, it has come to my attention that some clarification is needed regarded "commercial" vs. "non-commercial". Some resource developers may consider contest entries to be commercial games due to the potential monetary gain...
  3. Deckiller

    RPG Maker Free Game Bundle!

    In celebration RPG Maker's 24th birthday, we have released the first of several Free Game Bundles. We wanted to create a special section of our site to honor some of the best games made with the XP, VX, and VX Ace over the years! The first bundle includes In Search of Immortality, Legionwood...
  4. Deckiller

    Radiant Chain (Current Chapter: 2)

    In the land of Radia, four heroes, each from a distant province, join together to repel a horrific enemy: the Gyth. These demonic entities are ruthless and mysterious; so dangerous, in fact, that they were sealed away to a void between dimensions nearly two decades ago. There is something...
  5. Deckiller

    Chain Game II - Brainstorming

      Chain Game II: Brainstorming Time! So the first chain game is complete (with some polishing to be had) and it was a lot of fun! Despain started it off, and 10 other users contributed to what became a 6-hour adventure over the course of a couple months. We all learned a lot from it, and we...
  6. Deckiller

    The RMW Chain Game

      The RMW Chain Game has been in production for a couple months now. It is complete: 11 chapters in total. Despain got the ball rolling, and I've done what I could do get this baby completed for RSW! It's not perfect, but it was fun and I'm sure all the developers enjoyed making it. There were...

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