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  1. LucasRiot

    Save a text into .JSON

    Hey makers! I bought the RMMV in Steam recently and I'm testing the plugins. In one of them, I created a code and the owner of the plugin said that I was supposed to save this code in .json and then paste it into data folder, but I do not know how to save this code into .json because I have...
  2. LucasRiot

    Conversion some codes RGSS3 to Javascript

    Hello makers! I would like to know how to convert the codes below RGSS3 to Javascript: Conditions > script I found some pre-defined codes on this site But as I've never used Java, I've had doubts. If anyone can help, I appreciate it! ^^
  3. LucasRiot

    Skill Tree/JP (Pictures) - RMMV ~ Request

    There's a Skill Tree system which allows you to unlock skills through pictures. I've already found 1 plugin but it doesn't use pictures. I was imagining a system similar to Crystarium Expansion - Final Fantasy 13 Also it has a script for VXAce (RGSS3)...
  4. LucasRiot


    The maximum cost of TP is 100 for any skill. Is there a possibility of increasing the cost of TP beyond 100?
  5. LucasRiot

    Two Animations: One Skill

    Is there possible to make a skill using two animations at the same time? Or is it possible doing this using only database? Help me! (I wanted to use a audio file for the first "animation" and the second "animation" would be the skill)
  6. LucasRiot

    Remove Formation Option

    Hey Makers! I want to know if it is possible to remove the option Formation from MENU. I know that there's a event with a command to disable. But the name is still there, only "dark name". What I want is to ELIMINATE! :)
  7. LucasRiot

    HP 1 After Death!

    Hey guys! When character dies, after the battle his HP is 0. And probably dead. But I don't they dead. Even after the battle, I want their HP 1 (Alive) How can I fix this?
  8. LucasRiot

    Timer During The Battle!

    Hello Makers! I'm with a doubt in my project. I'm wanting to put a TIMER during the Battle and at the end would be GAME OVER. But I'm not getting do it for events. Can you help me? Example: The battle against Ifrit - Final Fantasy VIII

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