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  1. MaGicBush

    Question about copyright using pixel art

    So I am working on some pixel art for my game, but I am basing it off of an old Nintendo game. If it looks similar, but I make it with some slight variations is that ok as long as I am not ripping the characters/sprites from that game? I just don't want to get some letter randomly from Nintendo...
  2. MaGicBush

    Dark screen with a new game?

    So I have my first scene done, but one issue is nagging at me. As soon as the game loads I want the screen to be completely black with some white text on it. I got this part down just fine, but the second you click new game it shows the scene for a split second and then flashes black. Is there a...
  3. MaGicBush

    Pixel Maker MV category?

    So are you guys going to add a subsection for Pixel Maker MV? It is made by you guys right? Or is it not? It has MV in the name like RPG Maker MV so I find it slightly confusing why it's not on this site at all? The advertising seems similar as well. The only forums I can find for it are Steam...
  4. MaGicBush

    Map scroll to a character?

    Is it possible to make the map scroll to a specific AI character I am placing further down the map? I am using frogs Trigger Distance on a wide area so that when a player hits any tile straight left/right on the x axis up to 15 tiles away it will scroll down. The problem is if the the player...
  5. MaGicBush

    POP Horror Parts

    So I am wondering if there is a parts pack for the character generator I am missing for the POP! Horror packs. I own all the ones I could find, POP Slasher Forest, the character packs 1 and 2, and the City pack. These come with like 16 different characters(6 are unusable for me), but I need a...
  6. MaGicBush

    How to go about building

    So for my game I am working on at some point I am planning to add a strategy type of layer to the game. Right now I have been working on the maps, as I finished most of my other systems and what plugins I will use. I am wanting to find what the best way would be to go about adding a mechanic...
  7. MaGicBush

    Best service for backing up and using two PC's?

    So I have been struggling with this the last week. For some reason my network will not allow me to share files across it between my PC and laptop even though it should be easy since both use Windows 10(never had so many issues on XP :p). So I have to resort to a cloud service or something. I...
  8. MaGicBush

    Music and SFX question with dlc?

    So I am interested in buying some music for my game and some sfx. Looking on Steam there are SO MANY packs. However none of them have samples from what I can tell? I don't want to blindly buy a music pack that doesn't fit with what I need. I am working on a Zombie survival game, and am looking...
  9. MaGicBush

    Best book for Learning js?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I scrolled back a page or 2 and didn't see a topic. Im wanting to find a good book to learn js. I learn best from having a seperate book that I Can reference, and I find books way easier on my eyes than using websites. Anyone have some good suggestions to...
  10. MaGicBush

    Battle System Question

    Hello, I am a returning RPG enthusiast and use to use RPG Maker 2k3/Game Maker back in high school. It's been a while(over 12 years lol) since I have worked on game developing. But I am growing a bit bored of just playing games, and my son got me interested in RPG Maker again when he asked...

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