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  1. AethiriatGames

    Hey guys, I've been offline because of: 1: Bad algebra grade, had to fix it 2: Had to wipe my...

    Hey guys, I've been offline because of: 1: Bad algebra grade, had to fix it 2: Had to wipe my computer due to errors I hope you guys understand. I've been reinstalling things
  2. AethiriatGames

    [STV] Window Skins | Newest: Solid | Count: 66

    Sooo, I was making a game called Antitech with the steampunk skin, but I had to wipe Windows . :kaoback: But I will be using the Jungle theme in my newest one, Season's Promise. A farming game. Credit will be given. :kaopride:
  3. AethiriatGames

    Lori's Light [RM2K3]

    Thank you for your feedback! :D
  4. AethiriatGames

    Lori's Light [RM2K3]

    LORI'S LIGHT RPG Maker 2003 2$ USD Credit Reel: Lori's Light is a game about a brave knight named Lori from another universe that falls from the sky, having no memory of where she came from, but is imbued with powers that can both mend by healing...
  5. AethiriatGames

    Lori's Light finished!

    Lori's Light finished!
  6. AethiriatGames

    Jo's 2k3 monsters!

    When you say that, do you mean RPG Maker only? By the way, amazing monsters. They'd look great in the game I'm creating.
  7. AethiriatGames

    Working on "Lori's Light".

    Working on "Lori's Light".

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Hi, I am following your videos tutorials serie about coding on MV and I am at the third video. Thank you for making it but's a bit hard to follow since you don't show the whole plugin at the end. I had to screenshot the lines between 110-159 because you scrolled so fast on them.
I'm not sure if I should be happy for MZ, or sad for MV.
Not going to lie.... The update's cool and all, but I immediately ran to Mog's site and was like, "Update! Update! Update!" while breathing on the page of his Star Ocean Battle System plugin. :kaoswt:
Ho boi. I can already see the storm of ugly actor faces RTP customizable facesets from MZ are gonna flood. XD
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