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  1. Derahex

    Over used, underrated, stop using - plots

    I have developed a thing-type stuff: The 3 main reasons for an antagonist's existence: 1: They wish to rule/destroy the kingdom/world/universe. 2: They greedily wish for power, money or some other priceless thing. Can also lead to No. 1 3: Revenge And this works for most any story, if looked...
  2. Derahex


  3. Derahex

    Far From Over

    Yeah, I understand completely. These pas 9 months I've been swamped in... well EVERYTHING!! Seems like I've made no progressed at all in my own projects! --EDIT-- Also, download link's borked. I can't play your game.  :distrust:
  4. Derahex

    {Early Demo} Destiny is Pastries!

    Thank you for taking some of your precious time to view this here post !   Without further ado, I present :     Destiny is Pastries ! v.0     (As you may imagine, there is a certain food group involved here.)     In this "One of a kind Game", as in, there are probably a million...
  5. Derahex

    Far From Over

    Interesting! Now THIS stands out a bit from the rest... I'll try the Demo when I have time!
  6. Derahex

    Story Design Question

    Well I wish you good luck on your Quest of creating your game, I'll be checking on your progress from time to time. This looks interesting. My projects are currently on hiatus and I have nothing else to do !
  7. Derahex

    Story Design Question

    Well, first of all avoid any archetypes or classics. For example: A Evil Lord of Evil who wants to rule/destroy the kindom/world/universe just for the heck of it is something to avoid. Also avoid princesses (Obviously) Since it's a sterotype. (Unless your story is very good and pertinent, then...
  8. Derahex too annoying ?

  9. Derahex too annoying ?

    Yeah... Was kinda expecting that. Ah well, whatever. Oh and where could I recover a new post I was typing ? The damned thing just froze in my face 2 minutes ago. And I've been working on it for an hour.
  10. Derahex too annoying ?

    I wish to ask if it is allowed to use for the download of my game or if that's to annoying. Expecting a response from an admin...  Later.
  11. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    WELL. Nevermind everything. I figured out what the problem was. A .pdn (Paint Dot Net) File was located in the graphics folder, that's what was glitching it. Hence the "Failed to create bitmap". TOPIC CLOSED. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
  12. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    I GOT SOME MORE INFO: I don't think it's the Yanfly Ace Message system since one of my idea testing games has it and it doesn't crash when exporting an encrypted archive like my actual game does. Also, the error message says it's in the cache script thing "Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError...
  13. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    I wasn't aware that it might have to do with the script. Sorry! I am ONLY using the scripts I mentioned in the above post: Yanfly Ace Core Engine Yanfly Battle Engine Yanfly Element Absorb Yanfly Element Reflect Yanfly System Options Yanfly Ace Message System Yanfly Adjust Limits  ...
  14. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    1: I've tried to open the console while playtesting, nothing appears on the console. Besides, the error only appears when I open the compressed game .exe 2: Sorry. I should have thought about that. Should be easy to find. they are all under the tabs on top...
  15. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    Eh, I'm having trouble with the script, it says check the console, only I don't know how to open the console... Also, here are the scripts I'm using : Yanfly Ace Core Engine Yanfly Battle Engine Yanfly Element Absorb Yanfly Element Reflect Yanfly System Options Yanfly Ace Message System...
  16. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    I'll try the script and get back to you on that. Thanks!
  17. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    HELLO WORLD. I'M GOING TO GREET YOU LIKE BY SAYING I NEED HELP AND RELEASING CAPS LOCK. On a more serious note, I'm going to do like so many before me and create an account for the sole purpose of begging for help on a notion answered countless other times! Yay! Now let's get this over with...

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