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  1. Jollan

    YO! I'm back!

    Hey everybody, It's been a while since I've been on this site and I just wanted to say hello again and it feels great to be back! And also that I am sorry for disappearing. I had a couple different resource making posts for people to request stuff like music, icons, sprites and what not, but...
  2. Jollan

    MV side view shield for actors!

    Howdy everyone! Its been a while since I picked up rpg maker (since vx actually) and I had just recently come back to find a new system and so far love the built in side battle system and character generator. I used to make music, a few icons and custom characters, and some small spriting...
  3. Jollan

    Jollan's Icon Machine! [full]

       Hey everybody, I decided that I was going to separate one of my previous shops that way it is a little more organized, and people can find what they want easier. This shop will strictly be for icons and nothing else. Now for some formalities.   When making a request,    Please be...
  4. Jollan

    Jollan's Sprite Shop +extras[OPEN]

    Welcome! Need a drink? Requests: ICON REQUESTS HAVE BEEN MOVED! Jollan's Icon Machine Hey everybody, this is where I'll post all of my sprites. If you want to leave a request, feel free. I don't mind doing commercial but please pm me for requests. If you use any sprites please comment, I...
  5. Jollan

    Fishing for music? Jollan's music shop [open]

    Fishing for some music? Well then, drop a line and relax. All links go to tracks on my soundcloud.   Shattered Time mp3  One of my early songs. I couldn't find a place for it.   Twisted Souls The iconic "creepy bad guy" theme   Shrine  Tranquil background theme.   To Arms!  Good ol'...
  6. Jollan

    I come in peace

    Hello everybody! I'm Jollan and it's a pleasure to meet y'all.  Never been good at introductions so I guess I'll just tell you what I do. -MUSIC: I like to compose music. I won't put my main songs up on the site till i get them copy-written. However, I will    have other pieces that I will put...

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This time around I don't have early access to the new maker, so I have to wait like everyone else to look under the hood. I really hope we get to soon though, I'm pretty excited :D
Chaos17 wrote on Poryg's profile.
Hi, I am following your videos tutorials serie about coding on MV and I am at the third video. Thank you for making it but's a bit hard to follow since you don't show the whole plugin at the end. I had to screenshot the lines between 110-159 because you scrolled so fast on them.
I'm not sure if I should be happy for MZ, or sad for MV.
Not going to lie.... The update's cool and all, but I immediately ran to Mog's site and was like, "Update! Update! Update!" while breathing on the page of his Star Ocean Battle System plugin. :kaoswt:
Ho boi. I can already see the storm of ugly actor faces RTP customizable facesets from MZ are gonna flood. XD

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