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  1. mardin

    Making a visual gauge that automatically updates and visually fills/deplets?

    Is it possible to make a visual bar/gauge that automatically updates and visually fills/depletes? So far I've used which is offline right now, and I have used a crop picture event. The problem with the crop picture...
  2. mardin

    Making your own simple, easy Battle HUD, how?

    Ok, I thought I have been experimenting a lot with the battle system lately, and to my surprise...a Battle System that is inspired by Darkest Dungeon is very possible in RPG Maker. But I already fail at the basics, setting up a good battle hud. Maybe you guys can help me out, and perhaps there...
  3. mardin

    Background Picture gets stuck! What do I do?

    I have a problem with my game. I am using a hell lot of background pictures (currently more than 800), often times switching between them within' a loop. From time to time after a solid amount of playtime, it can be that a picture gets stuck in the background. From there on, the picture is...
  4. mardin

    Quicksave / Quickload button Problems!

    With my limited skills I wanted to do a quickload and quicksave button. It looks like this: So far so bad, problem is that it is just working once, but after loading a game this does not work anymore :( Any help on this? Thanks...
  5. mardin

    Loading preferences...

    I would like to know if there is anything I can do to change the way that Visual Novel Maker loads the assets. It looks like VNM loads everything right from the start, but when you have a lot of pictures and animations and sounds, it can get quite long and might be too much for older...
  6. mardin

    Android Export Problems...

    (node:18136) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection. This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). (rejection id: 1) (node:18136) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning...
  7. mardin

    Subtract 70% from a variable!

    Hey guys, I want to subtract 70% percent of my money variable in the game. Something like [Moneyvariable] - 0,7x[Moneyvariable]. But it looks like I'm only able to sub a number or random or another variable. So how do I do this? Thanks!
  8. mardin

    Erase all pictures and Hotspots / clear scene !

    First of all, I want to say that the seach function of the visual novel maker manual is not working for me (microsoft edge browser). I am getting frustrated because I am just getting to know this engine and there are not much tutorials out there for specific content. I have downloaded Google...
  9. mardin

    Name Display position change

    While changing the text position is rather easy, I can't find the menu where you change the Character name position. Can someone point me in the right Thanks for your help!
  10. mardin

    1.6.0 Increases Filesize by 100%

    I've updated my project to 1.6.0, unfortunetly I don't know from what version. After I exported the game, the filesize has doubled. The screen is a bit bigger now which I love, but this can't be the price. The size was about 460mb (has a lot of images in it) and is now almost 1gb. What can I do...
  11. mardin

    RPG Maker MV Android Questions!

    So I've managed to make an .apk and finally got it to work, but there are still some issues that I am facing, I hope you can help me out! First off, while MEs SEs and BGS sounds play like a charm, bgm sounds are not playing...why is that? 2nd thing is the Name input. You can erase letters with...
  12. mardin

    Your favourite Battle System in MV?

    Hi there, I got a question for you: Which Battle System or which Battle Plugin do you enjoy the most? What system are you using in your own game, what do you believe gives your players the most enjoyable experience and what battle engine did you come across that blew your mind? I've never used...
  13. mardin

    Animated Background and displaying variables

    Hi there, I want to use a sprite background (4 pictures looped), how do I pull this off? Does VNMaker support .apng? Also I want to display some variables, like the current day and money. How can I do that? Thanks for your help
  14. mardin

    Animation Loop/ Loop Break!

    Hi guys, I need your help - I've been working with pictures a lot lately, to add variety to my games. For example, when the hero comes to a specific place, he can meditate to regain mana. If he decides to do that, a short animation of 3 pictures comes up. Now, I want the player to decide how...
  15. mardin

    Good minigames for MV

    I'm having a hard time finding good minigames for RPG Maker MV. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place, but it was so easy to find minigames for vx ace. Minigames that could be a huge part of the game like Triple Triad, or just add to variety like the minigames from Sixth. I am constantly...
  16. mardin

    Frontview Battlers with multiple frames!

    Hi guys, it's me again...the dude who still knows sh** about this awesome software. I have decided to go with frontview battlers for my game, however I don't want them to be that static. I found the yanfly plugin which makes them more alive, however, I want something different. I am able to...
  17. mardin

    RPG Maker Music for Visual Novel Maker

    One thing that is key for me in visual novels is good quality sound and music. I was wondering, since on every music pack is a big "USE IT ONLY FOR RPG/IG MAKER GAMES!", if we are able to use the purchased music packs for visual novel maker?
  18. mardin

    Simple Pacman method turns out to be not so simple...

    I wanted to have a simple pacman event where the player gets hunted by events. Movement: Approach, Priority: Same as characters, Trigger: Player Touch, Call: Game Over. It could have been so simple, but it turns out I have to run into the hunter to cause "Game Over". If the event (the hunter)...
  19. mardin

    Cancel a Video with Escape

    Maybe I did something wrong but I cannot cancel the videos in my game. I use videos a lot for cutscenes and to tell the story, but the player should really be able to cancel a video with the escape button! I looked around in the forums but I did not find anything related to that, so maybe I...
  20. mardin

    Your game needs more than just Battles!

    Hey Guys, I need your help! I am working on a game which focuses less on battles and more on other things like puzzles and minigames. But since I need a lot of different puzzles and minigames I would love to hear what you guys use to add variety to your game or what you really enjoyed in rpg...

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