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  1. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    I'm working yeah. I don't have a lot of time to, but I do. I'm currently working on my 2nd editor. It will allow you to edit your characters, skills, ennemies, and special actions. :D I can't share pics for now but I hope I'll be able to soon. :D  
  2. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    Yay, sorry. I started university so I didn't have enough time to post updates lately. I will soon, I worked on something cool btw. :3  And thanks to show support, that encourages me a lot :D
  3. Ssozi

    that's cool ^-^

    that's cool ^-^
  4. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    You'll have to wait..sorry. I'm just really busy. Can't stop workin' on it.
  5. Ssozi

    Of course you can. ^-^ What kind of draw so..? xD

    Of course you can. ^-^ What kind of draw so..? xD
  6. Ssozi haha :3 haha :3
  7. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    Cuz it was a really early preview. ^^
  8. Ssozi

    Yeah that's what i've done Dekita.. But I was forced to separe one class in 7 parts. The...

    Yeah that's what i've done Dekita.. But I was forced to separe one class in 7 parts. The Scene_Battle one x)
  9. Ssozi

    Yeah, thanks captain obvious XD

    Yeah, thanks captain obvious XD
  10. Ssozi

    My TBS script currently has 20 000 lines...I'm lost when I'm trying to find a specific line ;-;

    My TBS script currently has 20 000 lines...I'm lost when I'm trying to find a specific line ;-;
  11. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    Nop..Sorry, I'll try to do an Ace demo soon but it's a lot of work.. I've to do VX Demo (French & English) and VX Demo + RTPs (French & English) each time a demo is finished... And I'm going to traduce it in spanish too so...a lot of work x) As I said, I'll try soon !
  12. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    Thank ya SoulPour777, hope you wont be disapointed ^^ nio > yeah..when it will be out XD ShinGamix > it's a tactical engine. I made it like a game for the demo version but it's an engine. ^^
  13. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    Hi, sorry for bad updates. I just hate answerin' when I have nothing to show up, hehe.   None. I'm currently workin' on a second editor which will let you customize each skill one by one. Can show ya an image of what I'm plannin' to do, but spchhh! No one else need to know haha: But it's still...
  14. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    nio > The scripts are still in development, so I don't want to share them now. To answer your question... 1. the mouse system isn't from me. It's from Zeus81, a french maker (if you care). It can work with your world map system. 2. Why did you ask this question ? My script doesn't affect the old...
  15. Ssozi

    Limited Item Amounts?

    I've posted this yesterday : script. No configuration module, but I don't really know if it's what you need. 
  16. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    Argh, des français! Thanks for your comments & support. I will finish the next demo soon, and I'll try to upload a VX Ace demo.
  17. Ssozi

    Specific Drop

    Oh! Haven't seen you were there. It's cool to hear it ^^
  18. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    Thank you. Your comment is really encouraging ^-^ In reality, I'm really far of the end.
  19. Ssozi

    [XP/VX/Ace] ItemMax

    Allohah everybody ! I'm glad to show my last little creation (very useful jajaja) ItemMax Authors : Biwy/Ssozi License : Just ask for commercial use. Features : - It allows you to change the maximum amount we can have of each object. - Works for items, weapons and armors. - No script...
  20. Ssozi

    TGS - Tactical Combat

      Biwy : Main script. Nuki & Grim : Additional scripts. Azell & TSFH & Audiomachine : Musics.     And for their moral support () & their ideas : Ajisai, Kouett, Maè, Gelarto, Garruk, Kurofidy, fabY, Rose Noire, Medal, Mimiko, Olowynd, Numina's team and all the french communities.   Hi everyone...

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