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  1. Joy

    July 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    Got some more progress done on the battle system! We've got a resized and more compact skill selection, with descriptions dynamically pulling in the required item names, icons and current quantity! And I've got the battle message window resized along with an actor face bar for showing the...
  2. Joy

    July 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    Deeply back into the game making again. Now that I'm a programmer by profession, time to see about finishing up old projects that I had his roadblocks on in the past. Learning RGSS2 as I go. For The Order of the Marten, updated the screen size to better scale for modern displays, and had to go...
  3. Joy

    Less talk, more do. Let's get this demo out.

    Less talk, more do. Let's get this demo out.
  4. Joy

    Consumable Item Effects

    I've got a game I'm getting the demo together for right now that has no magic, so consumables are very important and varied. The key is that they are deeply integrated into the system, with both a crafting system to create and upgrade them and a skill integration for use in battle. Some skills...
  5. Joy

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Working on a map to use for a technical demo for a tactical battle system, so the goal is to start from the bottom center and make it to the broken altar through the course of the battle. The puddles and walk-able stone rubble in the water are there to demonstrate a risk/reward system for the...
  6. Joy

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player)

    Been having some trouble implementing this plugin, it's throwing some errors. Looks like there's an issue with it seeking an undefined property.
  7. Joy

    Features Feedback

    Alright, got a concept, tell me what you think: Disclaimer: this project is 100% just to get back into the groove of rpgMaker since it's been a few years and to get used to the js plugins in MV. I'm a web developer by occupation and work in js quite a bit, so I'm looking forward to being able...
  8. Joy

    September Goals and Progress Thread

    Well, time to get back into the game as it were. Just getting a small project out first to familiarize myself with MV's new features and coding, so time to pull an old project idea off the shelf, Threadbare. Firstly, goals for this week: set up sprints and timeline design battle system (with...
  9. Joy

    RPG Maker Back-to-school Steam Sale!

    Kismet. I was just looking at getting into MV and transferring all of my project dev to it since I actually know JS. Quite lovely.
  10. Joy

    Well, I'm back...again

    Last post four years ago... Well, now I can actually code. And I have time Any old faces from HB, RMRK, old rpgmakerweb? Where my elders at?
  11. Joy

    The Order of the Marten

    This one is also not dead. I am doing some world building on it right now. I'm actually running a tabletop rpg with some of my friends a few generations before the events of OotM to help flesh out the history of the world and build some lore. I even made a physical puzzle game in the tabletop...
  12. Joy

    The Amber Throne (Complete)

    Really lovely looking project. I'm a major fan of the aesthetics. The use of color is really top notch, and I like that you are allowing the maps to have the feeling of an illustration vs. a strict and blocky adherence to tiles. I'm also a big fan of the design of your main character, simple but...
  13. Joy

    Game & Map Screenshots 4

    Home Farm is pretty much done aside from some shadows work and probably adding some more weedy flowers to some of the more bare areas. Well..I say done...spring is done. Still need to do variations for summer, autumn and winter. Not looking forward to editing all those trees to be covered in...
  14. Joy


    Treeeeeeees~ Working on getting all of the tree alts squared away for the orchard. Still need to do all of the fruiting versions and several of the flowering versions.. Do any look woefully out of place? I am also probably gonna be shortening the larger nut trees. The signs show which tree is...
  15. Joy

    Games you love, but no one has ever heard of

    Oh, forgot another... Dragon Seeds for the PSX
  16. Joy

    Games you love, but no one has ever heard of

    I still have a copy of the original Azure Dreams, and play it periodically. Amazingly addictive dungeoncrawl. Terranigma is another rarely discussed fav of mine.
  17. Joy

    Game & Map Screenshots 4

    Been a while! So, still working on rootbound. Re-mapping the home farm to allow for more smooth workflow. Hvae some of the various planned field styles here. Traditional (harvest moon) style plots, raised beds, vineyard and orchard. Still need to rework the shadows. Question, I'm playing with...
  18. Joy


    Just a post to say I have not given up on this project, I'm just a bit limited on what I can do until I get a scripter on board and know from working with them what is actually feasible. I desperately need a scripter willing to give me a hand and make this more than some buggy, generic mess. I...
  19. Joy

    Game & Map Screenshots

    I'd honestly say that the best way to appaorach it would be to just make it smaller overall. I usualy consider each 32x32 tile is 3ft square for reference, so that long, wide hall is like 15ftx32ft of seemly nothing but walking space.
  20. Joy

    Game & Map Screenshots

    Robster: It doesn't look like a parallax, very blocky, way too much open space and just very big. It's not nessicarily bad, but I see no advantage from using parallax in this case. There also seems to be a copy error on the potted plant, seems there a line left over from wherever you copied it...

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