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  1. Anthro7

    [Solved] Novice needs help: duplicate and alter a script

    Hi. I need help. Sorry. My coding skills are suck. So I've got Modern Algebra's quest journal script installed in the game I'm making ( ), and I like the way it works, so I want to use the same format for a second thing - a recipe book. When you open the menu from the game, it has added...
  2. Anthro7

    "How do I..." call save file from prequel to sequel

    /\ This. How is it accomplished, please? =( The best I can find is a video on youtube where the fellow tries to teach you how to write an external text file for MV, but as I'm using VX Ace, it's a lot of guess work for my non-coder-self to translate his java to ruby. Simply setting up some kind...
  3. Anthro7

    battle processing dynamic direction?

    Hi~o, So I posted this elsewhere and am thinking it was probably the wrong place to request help... I'm using Yami's Battle Engine Symphony. (And I love it!) But I've got a section of map where it would be really great if I could swap the positions of the actors (and troops) for JUST ONE...
  4. Anthro7

    SeaLife Sprite Request

    Hey all, Does anyone know of where to find, or would anyone be able to make some starfish, crayfish (or shrimp will do), and maybe a clam? I wanted to throw in a scene of some gals fishing where there are standard fish, and there's a few "oops" things that trigger humorous battles. (The one gal...
  5. Anthro7

    Animated Status Effect - Symphony

    My apologies if this is the wrong place. I've been looking for two days for a way to do a little animated sleep "zzz" or an animated set of bubbles for poison (and so on and so forth for other status effects), while in battle, using the Symphony engine. (I've got 4d sideways battlers, animated...
  6. Anthro7

    Recycle Used Potion Bottles?

    Hola, Can anyone point me to a script that would allow the players to gain an item upon using an item? I would like to be able to have potion/apothecary bottles be retained after a potion is consumed, so that you can sell them back to the potion-making-people and get your next order at a...
  7. Anthro7

    Fade Out assist needed on Custom Script

    Hi there, First off, my apologies if this is the wrong place. I tried to investigate other script threads and saw that anything "custom script" didn't belong there? So... Yeah, sorry, I'm clueless. Feel free to correct and move my question. Late to the party though I be, I have managed to...

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