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  1. A True Love Story

    Have updated the demo.
  2. A True Love Story

    thanks for taking the time to play it, I will mess about with the dialogue and try to make the characters storys deeper, as for the song i just put that in there for the demo it will be changed later on, I will also change how he acts around his mum because he is supposed to be a teenager, the...
  3. A True Love Story

    Looking for some criticism please.
  4. A True Love Story

    A True Love Story. A poorly old man with a few hours left to live has his granddaughter read him his journal titled a true love story and relieves his greatest memories as if he was there once again.  Gameplay features: Live the memories of an old man and experience his memories for yourself...
  5. Bored writer looking for a project to work on

    Currently got a futuristic project and I could use a writer for the conversations and the story.

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