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  1. Castagna

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Can you help me with a problem...? Plugin Name: YEP_PartySystem.js The plugin works perfectly, but i would like to let the player use the normal Formation command in the Menu and call this party manager with events... can I do it somehow? (How  can I prevent this plugin from overriding...
  2. Castagna

    Solved - Pokémon like - battle (with suggestion)

    I would like to have a battle system like pokémon, where the first actor goes in battle and, when he dies, the next alive one goes in battle, while the first one is moved from the first position of the party to the last one. Can someone help me?  (I don't know much about MV libraries... this...
  3. Castagna

    Party Manager

    Ok, thanks!  :D One last thing: what if i'd like to show faces instead of sprites...?
  4. Castagna

    Party Manager

    This is just great! Is it possible to add the possibility to send in your party manager the new unlocked characters instead of adding them to your team? (To make it work with DreamX_CaptureEnemies?)
  5. Castagna

    Capture Enemies

    Yeah, that works, sorry and thanks :D
  6. Castagna

    Capture Enemies

    Here I am again! Sorry, but your plugin is just too useful! Could you add a command to "free" a captured enemy? for example in the menu... A party manager organized like pokemon boxes would be useful too... even because by capturing enemies, party becomes a mess :/ P.S. There's a little bug...
  7. Castagna

    Capture Enemies

    Is there a way to not gain exp when an enemy is captured?
  8. Castagna

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    YEP.32 – Class Change Core is there any way to reach the same class from different classes? for example,  <Level Unlock Requirements> Paladin: Level 20 Berserker: Level 20 </Level Unlock Requirements> means that both must be at level 20. How can i set that you need Paladin at...
  9. Castagna

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Isn't it only for actor's notetag?  I would like to have a class notetag that says "having this class means having this battler, this face and this name"... How could I do?
  10. Castagna

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Actually, this is not a bug... I'm not sure if I should write here x_x I'm using YEP.32 - Class Change Core (GREAT PLUGIN!) 1) thanks for creating it <3 2) How can I set a specific battler and face (and, if possible, a specific name) per class? I mean, like a digimon world 3 digievolution...
  11. Castagna

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    Solved, you both are amazing! Thanks  BD
  12. Castagna

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    This is awesome! but I'm having problems using this with DreamX_CaptureEnemies (you can add more times the same actor in your team) what can I do to use them both? :/ this is the error I'm getting
  13. Castagna

    different battle system

    As Andar says, the Attack command takes the first skill and the Guard command takes the second skill, so all you have to do is to use the same method by copying the first skill to another slot in the database (for example, 11, as in the picture) and set the skill "attack" in position 1 as fake...
  14. Castagna

    different battle system

    Hello ^_^ by reading your idea, there's a simple solution that you can use with events: Copy every skill twice: One will be the skill learned (let's call this fake skill), the second one will be the skill that makes damage(the real skill): when the kid uses the fake skill, it will call a...
  15. Castagna

    Single Actor Battle System

    Is there a script that allows you to fight with a single actor even if the party is bigger? If the team is composed by 4 actors, the first will fight and the others will be remove from the party; when he dies, the second one will be added to fight and the first will be removed (to hide his name...
  16. Castagna

    Static Actor Battlers

    I'd like to have a plugin that shows pictures of your actor battler when not using sideview plugin, maybe something depending on a class notetag or on a class name. For example let's think about pokemon (just to make you understand my idea): Let's say i have two classes: Pichu & Pikachu. If i...
  17. Castagna

    VE - Diagonal Movement

    Great! How can i make it work with a character set like this? (the picture's positions are not accurate)
  18. Castagna

    Message Pause Cursor

    This plugin is awesome, thanks! I wanted a Pig-MessageCursor and I didn't know what to do!    P.S. I tried to set the plugin manager's parameter to 'right', but the cursor was still in the center, I had to create an event to change it. The other parameters work well! Here's how i modified...
  19. Castagna

    Walk "under" walls

    I solved this issue generalizing the common event: And now i just need to copy and paste the event set like this where i need it. Thanks anyhow.

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