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  1. ChipTato

    Heyyo! Im ChipTato an Amateur Artist Trying to make games

    So i just bought rpg maker mv on a steam sale. I remember long ago i used rpg maker VX (probably illegally) so i'd say i have a bit of experience in the engine. I'm an amateur artist that only has 3 years of experience. I have an instagram and artstation account with the same name if you're ever...
  2. ChipTato

    RMMV Roguelite RPG Board Game

    I've always been interested in making a rogue-like/lite game. I've been drawing inspirations from games like Slay the spire, wizard of legends, ETG and a few other lesser known roguelikes/lites Here's a few ideas i have for the game: Map: A large consistent maze-like map, available routes are...

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The more I look at the QPlugins... The more I am amazed at what they can do. Which I'm not going to lie is pretty awkward, because I already consider them far and away the best plugins MV has to offer. :kaoback:
spending a week trying to figure out what was wrong with my font has me DED
504 threads to go upon the time of this post until the forum reaches 100k threads. Thread Dead Redemption. Thready Van Halen. Thread Zeppelin. Doesn't have to be a band or a game
Random thought: Looks like putting in effort in learning a language is like a taboo for most people. :kaoswt2:
Not sure about RPG Maker MZ ; We see a lot of things, but they could have enhanced a lot of things in MV first... We're at the era of updates nowadays, not new products over and over and over :/

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