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    The writing and layout of this topic are both quite good. From your post I gather that this game will be character driven, yes? There are too few of that kind of RM game (most are plot or world driven).
  2. The Nameless One

    Game & Map Screenshots

    @Cleo: The maps look pretty good, nice and polished. One thing though, the font you are using is pretty difficult to read. May I suggest a simpler one?
  3. The Nameless One

    Master of the Wind [Complete RMXP game]

    I downloaded the game last week, and am right in the middle of Arc VII. All I have to say is wow. It's amazing how much effort was put into this game. The dungeon designs in particular were quite excellent; they've inspired me to explore new possibilities and add a new layer of depth to my own...
  4. The Nameless One

    What are you working on?

    I've been typing dialogue. Mounds of dialogue. :(

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