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  1. lonewolph

    Quasi QSprite Problem...

    I'm having a problem with Qsprite. Everything works as far as Poses, and Side View Battlers, but when my character moves on the map his animations wont change, hes just stuck facing down.... Anyone know a fix? I can't find any other cause....
  2. lonewolph

    Yanfly Message Core/Extended? Bug

    When coloring text with /c[17] etc within a choice the text won't show up the first time the choice box opens if you open it again, it will then show up anyway to fix this? Not sure which of the plugins cause the problem, the message core, extended 1 or extended 2...
  3. lonewolph

    test play no longer working MV

    I got a message when trying to test-play saying "the core javascript files need to be updated to test play" I clicked okay and it updated something but now I just get a black screen when trying to test play my game, when it worked before, anyone know how to fix this?
  4. lonewolph

    help with drawing text in menu...

    I have a variable in game that contains a word. I wanna draw this word on the screen for each character how would I go about doing this? its variable number 10 i declare the variable for the menu and set the in-game variable to that? not sure where to start. i managed to lay out my menu but i...
  5. lonewolph

    plugin command menu

    is it possible to run a plugin command when entering the main status menu, and then run another plugin command upon leaving the menu to go back to the map?
  6. lonewolph

    moghunterx Battle Back EX

    this plugin doesnt work right with newest version of pixi and rpgmaker, the background lay in battle isnt centered correctly on the screen. Can anyone help and fix it for me??
  7. lonewolph

    unique death animations?

    Anyone know of a plugin or a way to do unique death animations? Such as when the player dies of a Fire specific attack, I play a certain death animation, or a specific animation if he dies of a Ice attack etc?
  8. lonewolph

    Yanfly Battle Animation

    I want to call an animation to play, but I want this particular animation to play underneath the enemy and character sprites layer. Is there anyway to do this using the lunatic mode thing?
  9. lonewolph

    help with a battle formula

    Hi could someone help me? What would the formula need to be to have a character Heal all party members (EXCEPT himself) for the total of his Max Hit Points divided by the number of party members in the party currently? Not sure how to figure it out....
  10. lonewolph

    Yanfly Action Sequences...

    Anyone know the notetag to make a enemy sprite unmovable? I forget what it is and i cant find it
  11. lonewolph

    enemy and ally highlight

    How do I remove the "whiten" "highlight" from the enemy when in battle? I don't want the enemy or anyone in the battle to highlight when selected. Anyone know how to get rid of it? I'm using Yanfly's Battle Stuff, and I don't see an option for it. Thanks...
  12. lonewolph

    help with a gate

    trying to make a gate. Like a portcullis that will lower when I activate it. Problem is my animation is 7 images long and the animations only seem to support a 3X4 sheet and im guessing the animation can only be 4 long? is there a way around this like a plugin?
  13. lonewolph

    ungathering party members?

    Could anyone point me to a tutorial that explains how to make a character "ungather" his party members to do dialogue. Like in Final Fantasy your party members come out of the leader and then they face each other and talk? I've been looking a lot and can't find any
  14. lonewolph

    Noob Help

    I put some NPcs on my map, but my player can't walk all the way up to them. It's like there is an invisible box so I can't get too close? 
  15. lonewolph

    Menu Transparency

    How can I remove the transparency from the game menu? I don't want it to have any transparency
  16. lonewolph

    help with formula

    if I wanted a spell that heals 12% of the targets HP, what would the formula be? sorry im new
  17. lonewolph

    SV Animations...

    Are there any plugins that would allow me to have more animations for a SV Battler Yet?
  18. lonewolph

    More/Custom States

    I thought I saw a plugin that let you create more state animations than the default but I can't find it now, can anyone help?
  19. lonewolph

    Changing Selection Cursor?

    How do I change my battle window and menus etc to show a finger/hand cursor like in Final fantasy games instead of a glowing rectangle?
  20. lonewolph

    Can I make Animations larger than 192x192??

    Can I make animations larger than 192x192? if so, how? this is extremely small for what I need...........

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