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  1. McTricky

    A new Fire Emblem-inspired battle theme is now available to download for your project at my...

    A new Fire Emblem-inspired battle theme is now available to download for your project at my Music Mine!
  2. McTricky

    McTricky's Music Mine!

    Hello! I've got a new track for you all! Well, technically 2, but it's 2 versions of the same song! Check the first post! A while back, I made composed something that would fit within Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and I made a battle theme with a version for when the player is on the battlefield...
  3. McTricky

    RMVXA [DEMO v1.3!] Palasiel Quest

    It's been a while since the last update! A couple of things have happened! First of all, a new piece of music! It's a complete do-over of the original main boss theme called Cursed Spite. Secondly, I've been working on doing custom menus using Luna Engine Ace!
  4. McTricky

    Is YanFly Still Around? Dead links all over website

    As soon as I read this, I had to make this. That aside, as much as this doesn't affect me since I'm mainly working on my Ace project before I move onto my MV one, I think what Yanfly's doing here is fine. I really think the drama surrounding this decision is way too heated than it needs to be...
  5. McTricky

    New Releases: RPG Maker MV Heroes and Villains Voices, English Vol 1&2, Japanese Vol 1-3

    I'm afraid I second this. I saw this announced a few days ago, and I was like "Oh cool!". But when you learn that the English voices were done with the Japanese actors and you hear this really weird Engrish, it's super hard to justify getting the English packs at all. I'm guessing this was a...
  6. McTricky

    RMVXA [DEMO v1.3!] Palasiel Quest

    I recently remade one of the tracks that was originally cut from the game. It's called Vanguard , and will serve as one of the boss-specific themes in the game (of which there will be a lot of). You can hear the original version here.
  7. McTricky

    RMVXA [DEMO v1.3!] Palasiel Quest

    Palasiel Quest by default has no victory theme play at the end of battles. This was a conscious design choice as I personally feel that victory feels start to become super monotonous after a while, especially during grinding. Of course, let it not be said that I'm not an advocate for choice and...
  8. McTricky

    McTricky's Music Mine!

    It's been a while since I've updated! Not had a chance to make much music over the months! Though I'm back with a new piece! Check the first post! It's called "Monsters in the Hollows!", a battle/boss theme for your projects! This piece also sounds great with the pitch/speed turned up to about...
  9. McTricky

    RMVXA [DEMO v1.3!] Palasiel Quest

    Some updates for you all! I've integrated an updated "boss battle announcement" in the game. Before, the game used to flash some text before saying "Get Ready! Fight!". I've made this a lot more flashy with even flashier quotes, complete with image slide-ins. The idea was to make it resemble a...
  10. McTricky

    Play a BGM only once

    I'd reckon playing it as an "ME" (Music Event) would be better.
  11. McTricky

    McTricky's Music Mine!

    HEYO! Check the first post, because I've revived and re-purposed this thread for brand new FREE* music for your RPGs! Starting with this energetic battle/boss theme called "Bonds of Strength!"
  12. McTricky

    I made a really cool battle theme about 3 months ago and I haven't really posted it anywhere, so...

    I made a really cool battle theme about 3 months ago and I haven't really posted it anywhere, so I guess I'll contribute it here.
  13. McTricky

    RMVXA [DEMO v1.3!] Palasiel Quest

    It's been a while since the last update! I recently started my Master' degree so I've had little time to work on this. I just recently finished a character theme for one of the main characters, Opal Beryl! It's called "#BlackGirlMagic", and fuses strong strings, melancholic melodies and piano...
  14. McTricky

    Button Press during Message Box? [SOLVED]

    So I had additionally put this out on Twitter as well, and I managed to get a solution from Rachael on Twitter! Using a parallel processed event was just one way I had thought of attempting what I did, but Rachael's code snippet re-defines what happens when you press a text-advance key (by...
  15. McTricky

    Button Press during Message Box? [SOLVED]

    Hello all! I'm trying to do something similar to the Phoenix Wright games where the player is able to press a button during someone's line of dialogue and press them for more information (or in RPG Maker's case, activate a different event). I kind of have the logistics of how to do it...
  16. McTricky

    RMVXA [DEMO v1.3!] Palasiel Quest

    Some new CG artwork for the game by GeckosArt!
  17. McTricky

    Lakria Legends OST

    Hello all! I wanted to share this soundtrack with you all. But first I'ma hit y'all with a little background on this soundtrack and why it's very important to me. This is the full soundtrack to Lakria Legends an RPG made on RPG Maker 2003 that was released November 12th 2017 on
  18. McTricky

    Why I'm dropping GameJolt support and why you should too

    These are the analytics for the demo of my RPG Maker VX Ace game that I put up on GameJolt about 6 months ago. This is with monthly/bi-monthly updates! I'll admit that it GameJolt involves a lot more work in marketing than other platforms. It's fine for like freeware/demos and that sort of...
  19. McTricky

    RMVXA [DEMO v1.3!] Palasiel Quest

    Introducing the new CrossChat feature! This will replace this "Skits" that are currently in Demo A! They'll have a new look and will look like the video below!
  20. McTricky

    RMVXA [DEMO v1.3!] Palasiel Quest

    Been a while, so a slew of updates! First is some new artwork is in for one of the villains in the game, Aceri! Also, I had some battler images done by Nivalcart! I also I started to work on some character introductions slides (using the Picture commands)!

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