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  1. Palxan

    VNM characters from Palxan and Verdibona

    The work was done a professional painter (Verdibona) in my request. It so happened that I am the author of a large cycle of books (a very little-known graphomaniac). In the process of creating illustrations, I thought that drawings can be made much more useful not only to me. These are...
  2. Palxan

    My game died after the update.

    After the last update, I went into my almost ready game, and tried to test it. The game asked me a question: I answered "yes" and that's what happened: The question is ... did I lose four months of my work?! Are you kidding me?! I promised my friends that on Monday the game will be ready!
  3. Palxan

    [Bug] Portraits and avatars flicker.

    User: Palxan Maker Version: RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 (Steam Version) Bug: Portraits and avatars flicker when first used. When the dialog is activated, if the portraits or avatars are not on the same file (they are on different panels) delay occurs. It looks like a very unpleasant flicker. If after...
  4. Palxan

    Portraits flicker.

    When a dialogue is created, portraits and big pictures first disappear, a couple of instants pass and a new one appears. It's very noticeable, it looks like a flicker. Even in a completely finished game, the flicker does not go away! There is no blink if the portraits change on one 8 panel...
  5. Palxan

    RPG maker MV character sets from Palxan and Verdibona

    Greetings to all and welcome! On this page I will be happy to present you the results of our work with a wonderful painter Verdibona. Here you can find the emotion face sets for a standard graphics of maker MV...
  6. Palxan

    The small graphic bugs.

    Bug with avatars: 1 - Avatar nuns partially closes avatar captain. 2 - Avatar fat advisor closes subtle advisor. As a result, during the dialogue appear pieces of other avatars. Discrepancies avatars and sprites: 1 - a girl. At avatar sleeve dress orange, sprite - white. 2 -...
  7. Palxan

    RPG maker MV emotions faces set from Palxan and Verdibona

    Hello everyone! When released MV, I was quite saddened by the small amount of resources that he gave to the users. First, emotions ... stone faces of characters is just awful! I decided to remedy the situation by my own efforts. The work was done a...

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