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  1. Servidion

    Need the underside of floating islands tiles. Not overworld. (MV)

    So I finally got to the Spirit Gardens section of my game. It's basically a series of floating islands with some clear floor, but the rim and underside of the island is still dirt/grass/stone. I have come to realize I don't have the underside of the islands in any form in a tile set and I don't...
  2. Servidion

    Show multiple state overlays at once.

    So I've been searching around for a while now and have yet to find something like this. Basically I want to be able to show multiple State Overlays at the same time. I intend to design my own overlays in such a manner that there's very little overlap. What I would like in this plugin: 1: The...
  3. Servidion

    Help identifying conditional info. EG: $gameParty.members()[3].(Buffrank1here?)

    So I've been using SDR's Hud Maker and it's pretty spectacular. There's just a few things I'm missing for perfection. 1: Managed to get ahold of a friend to help me with the buffs. $gameParty.leader()._buffs[2]==1 and $gameParty.members()[1]._buffs[2]==1 Is what I...
  4. Servidion

    Add additional stats to SumRdmDde's StatDistribution plugin?

    So I'm using SRDude's StatDistribution plugin here and I am curious if there's a way to add some of Yanfly's stats to it. Examples include: Armor Penetration % - Critical Damage Multiplier % -...
  5. Servidion

    (Solved) Yanfly Element Core. Difference between Magnify and Amplify?

    Alright so I have the descriptions for Magnify and Amplify and I'm having trouble understanding the difference between the two. Magnify - If the user performs a skill or item that utilizes element x (or name),increase or decrease its damage by y%. If a skill or item has multiple elements, the...
  6. Servidion

    (Solved, mostly) Parameter for element amplify/magnify/absorb and critical damage?

    So I found a great plugin from SumRndmDde called Equip Comparison Upgrade, and I would like to add some additional stats, but I have no idea even where to look in the JS file. It's all jibberish to me. I want to add the following from Yanfly's plugins: -Elemental Absorb (From the Element Core...
  7. Servidion

    MV Play test not working.

    So now that life is beginning to settle down (moved to another country) I decided to brush the dust off RPG Maker MV and continue my project. The maker itself works fine, but even when I started a brand new project when I do a playtest the title screen music starts but the screen stays black. If...
  8. Servidion

    How do I add an icon to a weapon or skill name?

    I've looked through Yanfly's plugins and the Sample Project, but haven't found an example of this. How would I go about putting an icon directly into the weapon or skill name? An example would be, say, a Flame Sabre with the usual sword icon, but in the name it also has the Flame icon to...
  9. Servidion

    (Yanfly Plugins?) Change the term "Off-Hand".

    First a rundown of what I'm doing. There's no Off-hands or shields in my game. Each character uses a weapon set that can be upgraded. Using Yanfly Plugins I have a list like such: Weapon Enh. Enh. Enh. Helm Armor Cloak Relic Relic Relic The issue is the first "Enh." Says "Off-Hand" in...
  10. Servidion

    Edge of map at edge of room or far away?

    So the title is kinda garbage, but I'll explain. I'm having issues deciding where I want the edge of my maps. 1: I could do them like a lot of the older game (often in Breath of Fire 2) where the edge of the map winds up being near the edge of the screen, so when you walk into the next room you...
  11. Servidion

    (Solved) (Yanfly Plugins) Can't remember how to check for a certain element on attack.

    Trying to add an effect based on if a certain element did damage, but I can't recall how that is done. This is what I have so far for my state: <Custom Establish Effect> if target.result().hpDamage > 0 && (Attack element of 13) { user.addState(872); } </Custom Establish Effect> Basically if...
  12. Servidion

    (Solved) (Yanfly Plugins) Trying to alter Stockpile tips and tricks.

    So recently Yanfly came out with a tips and tricks for a Stockpile effect. You can stock up stacks to be consumed with abilities. Yanfly Stockpile Yanfly Consume Stacks...
  13. Servidion

    (Yanfly Plugins, maybe?) Increased healing done?

    So I know REC is increased healing received, and PHA is increased healing from an item when used by that character, but is there a way to increase the healing that a character does with skills? EG: A cleric will heal 50% more with any healing spells than a Warrior would.
  14. Servidion

    (Yanfly Plugins) State add another state on attack?

    I'm not sure how to build a state like this, but here's the description: Passive State - Berserker Any physical attacks/skills you deal have a 10% chance to apply the "Enrage" state to your character. Thank you for your time!
  15. Servidion

    Buff IDs?

    I seem to have lost my sheet with my Buff IDs. I can't remember them for the life of me. Tried searching the forums for "Buff ID", but that didn't net me much success. Also tried google, but every link to the forums was broken (I'm guessing from the update). Does anybody have a quick list or a...
  16. Servidion

    Comfortable Parallax Size?

    So I've decided to start converting all of my maps to Parallax rather than tiles simply so I can edit them in Photoshop, but many of my tiled maps are just too large for parallax (the engine crashes when I try to import a large one as parallax). I need to split up my maps into smaller, more...
  17. Servidion

    Crash when I save my project.

    So I've been having this issue since Day-One of getting MV, but I've just... dealt with it. Don't ask me why. Every once in a while, say one out of every 5-10 saves RPG Maker will crash and I'll lose my work since the last time I successfully saved. It's like every time I save it I cross my...
  18. Servidion

    Sprint Stamina common event?

    So I have a toolbar that utilizes common events. Created many tools, but I'm having difficulties with one. I have a tool called "Sprint Shoes". What I want this to do is allow you to dash for a short period of time when used (Say 10 seconds) with a 10 second cooldown. How would I go about...
  19. Servidion

    How to proc skill when struck at certain health?

    So this question is a little complicated. I use Yanfly's plugins. This is what I want the state to do: When this character is struck with damage that is NOT a DoT while below 25% health, there is a 1/10 chance that 'this' skill will activate. How would I go about doing this using...
  20. Servidion

    (Moghunter + Yanfly Plugins) Selection Control compatibility?

    So I am experiencing a strange issue while trying to spruce up my UI. If I have Moghunter's Battle Hud and Yanfly's Selection Control and I try to target an enemy with a magic attack I get an error "TypeError undefined is not a function". It has something to do with the targeting from what I...

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