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  1. SlySlySly

    What to use to make art

    I personally find photoshop is worth it. Although it's expensive, it has a wide variety of tools that I often use. I do all my digital art in photoshop and it is very convenient for sprite making as well as other art. Drawing tablet-wise, I would suggest getting something that you can use. Not...
  2. SlySlySly

    Sharing my Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

    Alright! When I get a playable part done, I'll send it to you! I guess I'll go about listening to the notes, hopefully able to make a live recording.
  3. SlySlySly

    Sharing my Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

    I'm excited to use your tracks! They're all so perfect. Second thing: You know you're little bird song? The one with the single flute. What are the notes for it? I kind of want to try to play it.
  4. SlySlySly

    Sharing my Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

    Wow! This music is amazing! I'm looking forward to hearing what else you've got. Just a question: what programs do you generally use when making music.
  5. SlySlySly

    Does someone mind testing my game on workshop?

    I posted 2 new attempts, se if either of them work
  6. SlySlySly

    Prayer Flags Resource Request (Ace)

    Different sized flags? Also what are you thinking for the setting, it help to know what kind of look to give it! I'll try to get it done this weekend!
  7. SlySlySly

    MV - Character poses, busts... with a base !

    The trick with editing, is try to copy the original's style and color tones. Also, how much are you willing to pay for a bust, and what exact specifications are you looking for. I may have the time. (My own game has a while before I get into graphics)
  8. SlySlySly

    Prayer Flags Resource Request (Ace)

    do you wish it to be tillable?
  9. SlySlySly

    Needing an Artist for a LOT of Facesets!

    For most characters and expressions you can just draw one and change the faces. Smaller changes in the rest of the character also help though, but start each character's expression with the same drawing so that you can very quickly create everything. Also, what type of characters are they? If I...
  10. SlySlySly

    Does someone mind testing my game on workshop?

    doesn't seem to be a visibility option anywhere, I checked the sidebar and right clicked the item. any ideas?
  11. SlySlySly

    Does someone mind testing my game on workshop?

    I looked into it and couldn't find the option to make it public, though I did look try changing my steam profile settings? Maybe try it now...?
  12. SlySlySly

    Does someone mind testing my game on workshop?

    I'm not completely sure my game properly uploaded, but I want to be sure. Can someone please look into it on the workshop and check? It would make me so relieved if it works, if it doesn't I'm opening a tech support thread lol. It's RPG Maker MV btw...
  13. SlySlySly

    Free And Useful Tools For Song Making~!

    I could give you some pointers if you ever want.
  14. SlySlySly

    Questions on uploading to Steam Workshop

    I just unsubscribed from everything else. It worked. I don't have the stuff I had formerly subscribed to, but I could upload.
  15. SlySlySly

    Free And Useful Tools For Song Making~!

    If you want a decent free music maker, try musescore, though for people who can't read music, it's challenging, if you can read music it's nice and the way instruments sound can be customized!
  16. SlySlySly

    Questions on uploading to Steam Workshop

    I don't know how to select my own project, I have it open in the background. I just can't find it on the GUI. This is what it looks like. Where is an open space where I can put my project. I don't know what to do, because when I open the steam manager, this i all I see, and no other options to...
  17. SlySlySly

    Questions on uploading to Steam Workshop

    Hello! I am trying to upload a game to steam using the workshop. I had workshop items downloaded from someone else, and it seems all I can do is select those from the steam management window. As you can see on the top right my options are selected, but on the left, someone else's description...
  18. SlySlySly

    Foreign countries that influence your music creation

    My music has a lot of celtic and chinese influences, though I do write some arabian music, all of my music has celtic attributes, and I write a lot of asian music.
  19. SlySlySly

    What's your favorite thing to make music with?

    When playing music I obviously use real instruments. For composition I use musescore, but heavily soundfonted to it sounds nice. :3 I enjoy using the sheet music, I am a musician so sheet music is just natural to me and I have enough experience to know how to put a tune on a staff.
  20. SlySlySly

    RMMV Above & Below - Demo v1.3 Active!

    Oh wow! What a wonderful game! The battle system is very confusing at first so basically everyone was super low hp the entire demo, but it was visually amazing and i enjoyed the content.

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