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  1. Catog

    YEP_X_ActorPartySwitch with HIME_ActorBattleCommands

    Hi all! Just looking for some help with figuring this one out. I've seen some stuff around for calling Yanfly's Battle Equip scene with HIME's Battle Commands [ ], and was wondering if there was anything going that called...
  2. Catog

    Luna Engine ActorCommand Help

    Hi all! I'm using the Luna Engine sideview sample and slowly transferring my game over. I do have an old system, but unfortunately it's quite unstable, and the original plugin author is not contactable. Right now, I'm trying to make the engine do two things: 1) Make the command menu function...
  3. Catog

    Object Pushing Puzzle - Noob Script Calls

    Hey guys, So I followed along with SumRndmDde's javascript/event rock-pushing puzzle, and while complicating it for later rooms, I've hit a bit of a snag. This might be really simple, but I'm also a bit of a coding noob. The event works when it comes to a single, specific event or "rock"...
  4. Catog

    How would you update Final Fantasy VIII's Junction System?

    Hi all, an interesting point a mate and I were discussing. So Final Fantasy 8 is not getting re-released on the Nintendo Switch alongside 7, 9, 10, 12, and so on. So far, one of the only current ways you can (legally) get your hands on it is through Steam or PS Classics for the PlayStation 3...
  5. Catog

    Battle HUD Request

    Hi there, you talented coders! So, right now, I'm using a combination of Yanfly's CTB and Equip Skills, and HIME's Actor Battle Command and Battle Use Skills. All this comes together to make a system that looks like this: Now, this does the job, but isn't ideal. It could be more...
  6. Catog

    RMMV Telum Fatalem

    The story of a would-be treasure hunter who, with one blunder, changes his perception of the world as he knows it. [/SPOILER] Thank you so much, and if you have any questions, comments, etc., don't hesitate to comment below! We look forward to taking this journey with...
  7. Catog

    Moghunter Menu Spacing Help

    Hey all, just wondering if I could get some help? I'm using Moghunter's SceneMenu script, and I'm just running into some problems when it comes to loading up the "LayoutStatus" png. When I load it for only one character, it's perfectly center. But when I open up a second and third party member...
  8. Catog

    Equip Skills: Treat like Armor or Balancing?

    Hey guys! I'm implementing an Equip Skill mechanic into my game. Think Pokemon where you have four skills to use in battle per character, and a party of three characters which you can freely switch between in and out of battle. But what I also want to do with these skills is have them so they...
  9. Catog

    YEPEquipSkills Return Array as Variable

    Hi all, For my game I'm using a mix of HIME's ActorBattleCommand/BattleCommandUseSkill and Yanfly's EquipBattleSkills. I've set up a common event with the intention of: "when a character has a skill equipped, the battle command shows, and when it's unequipped, it's hidden." The method I'm...
  10. Catog

    Ally Target Name and Value Squashing

    Hey there! I've edited the size of the information/target selection menu to fit in with a custom picture-based screen, all done with MOG Battle HUD. Everything works fine, except for this one problem when I try to heal: Now, I assume it would be a case of editing the length of the...
  11. Catog

    Return to RPG Maker

    Hey there, guys! My name's Catog, I'm actually returning back to RPG Maker after just losing time for it around about the VX era. I'm continuing on with a game I was working on in that time, updated to MV, and just creating a prototype before enlisting the help of some talented artists and...

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