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  1. caethyril

    Rhythm or button mashing minigame help...

    You may find this thread helpful~
  2. caethyril

    Plugin to play SE automatically after variable change.

    Don't worry too much about it, but in this case I think I'd go a little further. Ever been playing a game and suddenly a sound plays WAY louder than it should have? :kaoback: One way to help prevent that is to have the sound check happen only once per frame and use some kind of timer/counter to...
  3. caethyril

    [SOLVED]Need help with a state using Yanfly Buff & State core

    Maybe try something like this for your Apply tag~ <Custom Apply Effect> // Existing value, otherwise zero user._Protect = user._Protect || 0; // Add 2 * luk user._Protect += user.luk * 2; // Set state counter, for display user.setStateCounter(stateId, user._Protect); </Custom Apply Effect>
  4. caethyril

    Override Player Inputs

    If you just want to override the move direction then you can alias getInputDirection, e.g. (function(alias) { Game_Player.prototype.getInputDirection = function() { if ($gameSwitches.value(1)) return 0; else return alias.apply(this, arguments); }...
  5. caethyril

    YEP Battle Engine: End Phase Events Not Working Properly

    Troop event page 1 should have Condition: Turn 0. "Don't Run" means it will never trigger. I think that's what you noticed in your first edit. :kaoswt: Try setting troop event page 2 to Span: Turn. "Battle" means it will only run once per battle, i.e. at the end of turn 1. :) Also, I'm fairly...
  6. caethyril

    Using multiple Items at one time?

    Does your item have a common event effect? Not sure why it would kick you out of the menu otherwise. If so, there may be an alternative way to achieve whatever the event is doing.
  7. caethyril


    For this line: } else if (data.match(/ONE[ ]HANDED)) { I would suggest this instead: } else if (data.match(/ONE HANDED/i)) { Explanation: /ONE HANDED/i is a regular expression. (You forgot to put a / at the end of yours, which will cause an error.) It represents the exact sequence of characters...
  8. caethyril

    Selecting movie files through plugin

    Confirmed! Regardless of whether the movies/test folder exists, the Plugin Manager tries to select files from img/animations. Using @dir movies demonstrates that the movies folder itself is not recognised in this context (it shows a list of img subfolders). I checked the release announcement on...
  9. caethyril

    RPG Maker Saving Locations!

    Well, if it's saving to the correct location then either that method is producing the correct output or you're using a plugin or something to change the default game save behaviour. :kaoswt: For the undefined thing...I'm guessing you're seeing something like this in the console...
  10. caethyril

    Caethyril's Plugins

    ...update summary since last November~ :kaoswt: Updated Cae_WindowHelpText to v1.2 (multi-line help text, param types were changed!) Updated Cae_MovingWindows to v1.2 (minor fix for this in evals) Released Cae_MapUpdateRate Updated Cae_CustomEscCodes to v1.3 (Yanfly wordwrap compatibility)...
  11. caethyril

    RPG Maker Saving Locations!

    :kaohi: When playing via the editor (test-play) or a local deployment (e.g. Windows/Mac/Linux) the resultant app, a customised browser, is run client-side and can access the local file system without problems. Local deployments are Node-based, which means they have the require method built-in...
  12. caethyril

    Yep Status Menu Core question

    (Note that a param with 0 value will have 30% width, due to the way Yanfly's coded it.) You could try saving something like this as a .js file (Save As > File Type: All Files, Filename: whateverYouLike.js) and import it as a plugin, loading immediately after Status Menu Core...
  13. caethyril

    Help with Custom state effect (again)

    Does the character have any non-zero HRG/MRG traits? I think the default battle system only procs up to one damage popup per frame per battler, based on the current action result. You might be able to merge action results (?) or generate a damage sprite on-the-fly, but a plugin would be a much...
  14. caethyril

    Subscribe to gameVariable updates?

    You're welcome! :) Ah, I see. It's still better to use the value and setValue methods to interact with variable values, I guess Mog was just being lazy when he wrote that, haha. :kaothx: Anyway, happy RPG Making! :kaojoy:
  15. caethyril

    Subscribe to gameVariable updates?

    For the Proxy thing...I just quickly tested this code in a li'l plugin and it seems to work for me~ I'm curious which plugins you're using that are bypassing setValue, though...I can't think of a good reason for doing so, since it'd ignore the associated onChange method necessary for updating...
  16. caethyril

    Use a random item from the player's inventory... possible?

    :kaohi: Looks like it was mostly Aesica and me: So now you'd just need to figure out how to get a random item ID from what's currently in the inventory. Maybe Control Variables > Script: var o =...
  17. caethyril

    Subscribe to gameVariable updates?

    I just looked this up and discovered that there apparently is a way to assign custom getters for arrays (and other objects) in JavaScript, using a "Proxy": So you might be...
  18. caethyril

    Text display(or popup) during choice event

    Oh, bother. Looks like it works OK unless the Scope (범위) is set to None, because actions only get applied to targets, so a skill/item with no targets never technically gets applied (the Common Event effect is a special case, it gets handled differently). There's a <Custom Execution> notetag that...
  19. caethyril

    Text display(or popup) during choice event

    You could try a plugin that lets you run script when an item is used, e.g. Yanfly's Skill Core: I think this Item notetag will insert a common event into the map interpreter at the current position after the item is used: <After Eval> var ev =...
  20. caethyril

    YEP_ItemCore...How Do I change this?

    Haha, a nice side-effect! You're welcome~ :kaojoy:

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