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  1. Halcyon Days

    RMVXA What do you expect in a fantasy game?

    A solid world-building honestly, the biggest advantage of the Fantasy type for me is to be able to create an universe whom you can customize freely
  2. Halcyon Days

    Avy's MV Stuff

    You just have to save the image actually.
  3. Halcyon Days

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Thanks for the gifts, Avery! Merry Christmas to you as well!
  4. Halcyon Days

    Base sprites emotes and animations

    That's sounds like the best alternative, thanks for the answer :D
  5. Halcyon Days

    Base sprites emotes and animations

    You can make SV generator pieces compatible with the sprites?
  6. Halcyon Days

    Eternal Twilight

    You created those wretched things! Although I don't except less from the mastermind behind the infamous Minerva Boss Fight or the Rock subplot!
  7. Halcyon Days

    Eternal Twilight

    That's why I love hating Eternal Twilight :kaoangry:
  8. Halcyon Days

    Avy's MV Stuff

    It's okay, you already gave so many good things to RPG Maker MV and you should take care of yourself foremost :LZSsmile: Thanks for replying :D
  9. Halcyon Days

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Now I'm thinking about suggestions, I always found regrettable that there is no generator pieces about princes or princesses clothing. I know Rhino did one based on Actor 3_1, but there is not many options for a more "NPC" feels and despite purchasing it, I'm a bit iffy about the Heroine...
  10. Halcyon Days

    Avy's MV Stuff

    I'm so hyped for the next ones! Your MV resources are so awesome :D
  11. Halcyon Days

    Popnfizzle's Edits 'n' Such

    Looks perfect for making a map about a destroyed town or village, thanks :)
  12. Halcyon Days

    Sideview Battlers' clothes

    @hiddenone It's done. @GalacticGod There are the victory poses in question, I'm mostly interested by the third ones from the top for the armor and dress respectively. Credit to wthdragon.
  13. Halcyon Days

    Sideview Battlers' clothes

    I posted the link to her topic in my first post as the "seen here" and the pic is the standard SV cleric dress of the generator, sorry if I didn't presented it well :/
  14. Halcyon Days

    Sideview Battlers' clothes

    Greetings everyone! :) I recently started to use GIMP for my RPG Maker MV project and I would like to use personal victory poses made by wthdragon as seen here for my playable characters, but I'm still an amateur at pixel work :/ I was wondering if it's possible or to have these defaults...
  15. Halcyon Days

    com_sho Arabian Tilesets

    Do you know how contacting com_sho, OP? Because I'm a fan of their works and saw their site didn't got updated for almost two years.
  16. Halcyon Days

    *listen to Setsunagu while working on my projects* This... This feels oddly amusing x)

    *listen to Setsunagu while working on my projects* This... This feels oddly amusing x)
  17. Halcyon Days

    Northstar's RTP Dragons and Statue recolour and edits.

    Hm, anyone has the version without the photobucket logo, please?
  18. Halcyon Days

    Eternal Twilight

    Ferny pls
  19. Halcyon Days

    EmmaB's MV RTP Edits

    Looks pretty good, the crops will add more variety to farm tiles :]

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