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  1. bigcalsworld

    Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred. Failed to create bitmap. (FIXED)

    Yey, its this wonderful error! Now, I had looked for previous threads on it before for potential solutions, but all of them seemed to be relating to the game making this error while playtesting within RPG Maker. I'm only getting this error when I try to create a demo of the game for others to...
  2. bigcalsworld

    Stoop NPC from turning towards player?

    I'm wanting an NPC to NOT turn towards my player immediately when I click on them to talk. Instead I want them to stay where they are, talk to themselves, then turn around to face the player and acknowledge them. Got everything done except the part where they don't turn around lol.
  3. bigcalsworld

    Error when trying to use Quest script

    So I just got the Lunar Engine in the latest Humble Bundle, and decided to install it. Already working on a game, so I just copied over all the files. Added the "+ Quest Menu Add-on" and "+ Quest Menu Config" scripts, but the moment I try and run my game, I get this error: and here is the...

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