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  1. HalcyonDaze

    How Long Have YOU Been Using RPG Maker?

    It's coming up on twenty years for me. Hard to believe it's been that long and I have yet to finish a coherent game lol. But I've enjoyed playing with the software since the Don Miguel era, from RPG Maker 2000 to MV. I also briefly owned the very, very primitive and barebones RPG Maker for the...
  2. HalcyonDaze

    Part-Time Job

    So, I want to implement a "part-time job" mechanic in my game. For reference, I'm using Moghunter's Time System for timekeeping. Basically, the hero shows up at a shop for his shift at a specific time. The screen fades out and time fast-forwards to the end of the shift (let's say 6AM). The hero...
  3. HalcyonDaze

    Sink Edit?

    Earlier today, I saw an rtp tile edit someone made of the kitchen sink with water in it. Now I can't find it. Does anyone know what I'm referring to?
  4. HalcyonDaze

    Moghunter Time System Help

    I'm using Moghunter's Time System. I want to call a common event when the day of the month is equal to 30. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be working. Anyone have a suggestion for accomplishing what I'm aiming for?
  5. HalcyonDaze

    NPC Sprite Morph On Map

    So I'm trying to have an NPC morph into a different sprite on the map during a cutscene. I used to have a plugin that allowed me to do that, but I forgot what it was called. Can anyone help?
  6. HalcyonDaze

    "If Day =" Event With Moghunter's Time System?

    Pretty self-explanatory. After seven in-game days have passed, I want to run a common event. How would I go about setting this up?
  7. HalcyonDaze

    People 2-8 Edited Faceset

    Has anyone made a faceset edit of RTP People 2-8 (the Bunny Girl) that would go with Vibrato's edited charset? Tried to piece it together in the generator but didn't have any hair that matched or the red dress. If nothing already exists and a benevolent spriter decides to make an edit, could you...
  8. HalcyonDaze

    In-Game Manual

    The only plugin I've been able to find for this is broken in more recent versions of MV and the author has been MIA for over a year and most likely never coming back: Does anyone know of any closely similar plugins with...
  9. HalcyonDaze

    MV Sideview Awning Edit

    I remember someone making a sideview version of the awning from SF_Outside_C as a tile edit, but after two hours of scouring the internet and the forums, I can't seem to find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  10. HalcyonDaze

    OrangeHUD Message Fix

    I was wondering if anyone could write a fix for a small bug in Hudell's OrangeHUD, which causes the HUD to not fade out while message boxes are being displayed. Depending on where your HUD is in relation to your message boxes, the HUD will overlap over the message box. Since Hudell has retired...
  11. HalcyonDaze

    MV Generator Chef Outfit

    Looking for a chef's hat/frock parts for the generator, TV and SV. The walking sprite parts could be edited from one of the RTP characters, not sure if they could be re-sized somehow for SV. Thanks!
  12. HalcyonDaze

    Robot Generator Parts

    Anyone into making generator parts want to take a crack at robot parts? Like interchangeable heads, torsos, arms, etc? Could be really useful for anyone making a sci-fi game. Many of the current generator parts are made more for fantasy-style stuff.
  13. HalcyonDaze

    Victor's Throwable Objects/Yanfly BattleCore Patch

    So, I'm assuming this is the correct forum for such a request, and as far as I know, Yanfly and Victor's plug-ins are editable. I had heard that an older version of BattleCore is compatible with Victor's Throwable Objects plug-in, but have had no luck getting it to work, going all the way back...
  14. HalcyonDaze

    Skyrim/Fallout 4-style Lockpick System

    Pretty self-explanatory. I distinctly remember an Oblivion-style lockpick system for one of the older RPG Makers, maybe XP, and it seemed to function well, even back then. Would be a great addition to the plug-in catalog, if someone wanted to make one. Here's a video of what it looks like.
  15. HalcyonDaze

    Animated Rain Puddle

    Pretty self-explanatory. Three or four frames, preferably. Maybe edit an RTP water tile somehow?
  16. HalcyonDaze

    Generator Piece Import Utility (MV)

    Has anyone else noticed that importing new additions to the MV seems to be a bit confusing? At least the ways I've seen it explained. Has anyone considered making a program that can batch import pieces into the correct folders, with the correct names as to not overwrite anything?
  17. HalcyonDaze

    Dungeon Tools?

    Am I the only one that thinks something like this would be a great addition to MV's plug-in catalog? There may already be something out that is capable of something similar if you rig it correctly, but something like Casper's Dungeon Tools script for Ace would make creating simple dungeon...
  18. HalcyonDaze

    Changing Font Color?

    I'm aware of how to change the font itself, but what if I wanted to change the default font color? I like my windowskin, but I think black letters would work better on top of it than white.
  19. HalcyonDaze

    Randomize Weather EX

    Since Moghunter's Weather EX is the only overworld weather plug-in we have right now, how would I go about setting it up to display weather randomly? Like say, sometimes it would rain, and sometimes it would be clear, and sometimes it would thunderstorm. From what I can tell, you have to change...
  20. HalcyonDaze

    Ring Menu

    It seems as though Syvkal is no longer active in the community. Would anyone be interested in porting his Ring Menu script to MV?

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