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  1. Shikashi

    How can I add a similar thick black outline to Yanfly-like icons for MV?

    There is usually just a "stroke" option in other programs for automatic outlines, but for GIMP you can try this.
  2. Shikashi

    Does anyone have Orange Mapshots plugin?

    Here it is: And you can use DownGit for a quick easy download.
  3. Shikashi


  4. Shikashi

    Very nice!

    Very nice!
  5. Shikashi

    Good morning~~

    Good morning~~
  6. Shikashi

    Not "Pimp My Hide"?

    Not "Pimp My Hide"?
  7. Shikashi

    Recommend me a noob friendly video editing software.

    I always hear Sony Vegas is quite intuitive and easy for beginners. I use Premiere Pro for my editing, though thats not as noob-friendly. Both have free trials you can try out. Making a video like the one you linked wouldn't be difficult, at least with Vegas or Premiere, and there's a lot of...
  8. Shikashi


    Hey Angle, nice to meet you! See ya around the boards :)
  9. Shikashi


  10. Shikashi


    Hey Sunflower, how's it going? Welcome to the forums! :kaohi:
  11. Shikashi

    Have you tried Galv's?

    Have you tried Galv's?
  12. Shikashi

    Nidhoggn's Gallery

    Great attention to detail. Look forward to seeing more!
  13. Shikashi

    What is your favourite vidya music?

    What game music gives you a massive dose of nostalgia? What do you find memorable? Share your favourite songs and soundtracks! I'll start with a few of mine: Morrowind: Nerevar Rising Dragon Age: Inquisition: Orlais Theme Silent Hill 2: Promise Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Gerudo Valley Zelda: Wind...
  14. Shikashi

    Avoid ‘boring-ness’ while RPG making

    What Shaz said. Try to work for short bursts and take breaks, it helps you keep your concentration. That's what seems to work for me anyway. Otherwise... some loud music might stop you from dozing off ;)
  15. Shikashi

    Image/Picture Positioning Utility

    Thank you for sharing this! Very useful tool :D
  16. Shikashi

    Guess I Should Introduce Myself...

    Welcome! Best of luck with your projects :)
  17. Shikashi

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Thank you for sharing these, fantastic work.
  18. Shikashi

    'Best' plug-ins/plug-in makers

    I'd recommend Quxios, Galv, Mr Trivel & Moghunter for a good range of stuff.
  19. Shikashi

    Do you have any pets? O:

    I have a cat named Noodle, he's always falling asleep in weird positions:
  20. Shikashi

    Returning to video games

    Hello there Maj, welcome to the forums! Nice to meet you~ :)

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