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  1. MechScapeZH

    Moghunter's Consecutive Battles Detects Only 2 Waves

    Hi everyone, I've recently started using Moghunter's Consecutive Battles plugin, and I've ran into a problem. No matter how many waves I input, the plugin only detects the first 2- as in, when the battle starts, it displays "2 Waves" and ends after the second wave. This is the code I'm using...
  2. MechScapeZH

    Remove the "Sell" option from the shop menu completely?

    Hi everyone, I've been working on making a shop menu (with mjshi's NPC Dialogue Shop enabled, if it matters- I don't believe it does since it just changes the layout, not the functionality, although I could definitely be wrong), and I noticed there is an option to make a "Purchase Only" shop-...
  3. MechScapeZH

    [Yanfly's Steal & Snatch] Conditional Steal Skill?

    Hi everyone, I've recently hit a snag while making a skill for my new project. I'd like to have it so that the player can only steal from an enemy if they have less than a certain percentage (say, 30%) of their health, and the enemy instantly gets KO'd when the skill is used under that...
  4. MechScapeZH

    RMMV The Psychic Youth (20 Hour 2020 Game Jam Entry)

    The Psychic Youth an entry for @FleshToDust 's "20 Hour 2020" Game Jam (many thanks to him for inviting me to participate!) The Psychic Youth is a fantasy-adventure visual novel with Action RPG battles with gameplay inspired by adventure game classics like Squaresoft's Radical Dreamers and...
  5. MechScapeZH

    Fit Enemy Battler to Screen Size?

    Hi everyone, I've created an (animated, if it matters- I'm using Yanfly's animated enemies script & DreamX's extension script that allows for more frames) enemy battler with a size of 816 x 624 (the screen size). I'd like to portray a giant monster by making the battler fill the screen, but it...
  6. MechScapeZH

    Text covering whole screen?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a mini-game, and I'd like to make a block of text that covers the whole screen- the "Show Message" command can only show up to 4 lines of text, and I want to show more than that. Essentially, what I'm trying to do is re-create the way text is shown in the...
  7. MechScapeZH

    What makes a good store page?

    Hi everyone, I've been working hard on promoting my game now that it's completed, and I've run into a bit of a roadblock- The promotion of the game (I posted a thread about how to promote a while back and was able to do so well using the advice I was given- thanks so much to everyone who...
  8. MechScapeZH

    Chrono Trigger-esque Formation System?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to implement a formation system in my game similar to that of Chrono Trigger- 3 members in the party at one time (rather than the default 4), the player cannot remove the game's protagonist from the party, and (if possible) the formation screen is divided into two...
  9. MechScapeZH

    Changing Gold Icon?

    Hello everyone, I feel like this is basic but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it- can the gold icon in the menu be changed?
  10. MechScapeZH partner system?

    Hello, I recently released my game on, and while looking through its "interact" menu I found the following option: This appears to be a program where's affiliates can download your game for free in exchange for media coverage. Has anyone opted into this, and if so, does it...
  11. MechScapeZH

    [SumRndmDde's Summon Core/Yanfly Battle Engine] Incompatibility?

    Hello, I'm experiencing an error when using both SumRndmDde's Summon Core & Yanfly's Battle Engine Core- this is the notebox I've put into my skill: Removing the X & Y parameters fix the error, but without them I can summon only one actor at a time. And here's the error I get when I open the...
  12. MechScapeZH

    [SumRndmDde's Summon Core] Automatically set summoned actors' positions?`

    Hello everyone, I recently began using SumRndmDde's Summon Core plugin, but I've ran into a problem- it seems that the actors summoned using Summon skills don't adhere to the normal actor positions (for example, the first actor summoned by a party of one actor is not placed where Party Member 2...
  13. MechScapeZH

    [Moghunter's Battle HUD] What activates "Face Frame Animation?"

    Hello everyone, I just made a spritesheet for Moghunter's Battle HUD's "Face Frame Animation" option- the help page (Google Translated) of Moghunter's website reads as follows: You can activate animated faces through the option. (Face Frame Animation) I interpreted the faces as "idle...
  14. MechScapeZH


    ENTER CYBERSPACE Version 1.2 Released 1-31-2020
  15. MechScapeZH

    Remove "Always Dash" from Options Menu?

    Hi everyone, I just realized that "Always Dash" is still in my game's options menu despite it not having an overworld- is there any way to remove the option from the menu? Thank you in advance for your help.
  16. MechScapeZH

    Script call for learning multiple skills?

    Hi everyone, I have a really quick question- how would I go about teaching an actor multiple skills at once using the "Script" command? (As in, what is the JavaScript that would accomplish this?) I need to teach an actor all of the skills in my game for testing purposes. Thank you in...
  17. MechScapeZH

    Successful marketing on GameJolt/ sites?

    Hello everyone, Since I've been getting closer to releasing my game, I've naturally started thinking about how I'm going to market it. I'm starting out with the two sites I specifically listed in the title, and I'm planning on getting my game on more stores (Google Play possibly, Steam if it...
  18. MechScapeZH

    Change the "center" of a spritesheet?

    Hi everyone, I'm having problems displaying a spritesheet I made with Yanfly's Animated Enemies. Due to the way the character is placed on the top of each cell on the sheet, it's showing up above where I want it to and getting cut off due to its size. Is it possible to change the place on...
  19. MechScapeZH

    [Bug] Play Request Interrupted when Playing Video and using Battle Processing

    User: MechScapeZH Bug: Error when playing a video that reads as follows: Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play() request was interrupted by a new load request. Then, the video freezes. Before the error appears, the video runs normally for a few seconds. How to Replicate the Bug: Test...
  20. MechScapeZH

    Play Request Error

    Hello, I was attempting to load the new cutscene video I made, and I got this error: All other videos work but this one- it's really baffling. Here's the event commands surrounding the "Play Video" command- I'm not sure if any of them are causing this. ◆Fadeout Screen ◆Erase Picture:#1...

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