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  1. Wehtam

    More Icon Sets 1/23/16 Update

    Please read the original post, I got the converted images from someone else who I gave credit too and then I continued to modify it from there. The icons mainly feature colored frames to identify the different "magical/unique" level of the gear.  There are also a bunch of original icons...
  2. Wehtam

    Improved Demon and Face Icons

    Thanks Ice_bear!  Guess we just have to wait while the files come back  :)
  3. Wehtam

    Improved Demon and Face Icons

    That's strange, it isn't coming up for me now either but when I go to edit it the pictures still show.  Not sure  :distrust:
  4. Wehtam

    Improved Demon and Face Icons

    Hi everyone, I made a Christmas game that wasn't finished in time for the holidays but now I have time to refine it and release for next year's Christmas.  While doing so I edited a bunch of face, icons, and more.  The main one which I wanted to share is improving the large idle Demon.  In the...
  5. Wehtam

    Special Police force

    Nice edit!
  6. Wehtam

    More Icon Sets 1/23/16 Update

    Also, there are a bunch (not all) of the icons which are original regardless of the frame, but yes most are like RTP minus the frame.
  7. Wehtam

    More Icon Sets 1/23/16 Update

    Its a png file (or at least should be) so you can hide the frames but the main goal was to great a normal, magic, rare, unique color scheme like in the Diablo series games.  I've been working on a game works in a similar way and even though there are add-ons and ways to make the random settings...
  8. Wehtam

    byBibo's special packs [1. Christmas Pack update 1]

    Perfect timing!  About to have my first Christmas themed game finished and your impressive work will help a lot with the Christmas theme  :)
  9. Wehtam

    Naked Male (Vector)

    This doesn't really seem like a finished/showcase worthy piece.  Might want to reconsider having this in the showcase. 
  10. Wehtam

    Notice board with notices

    I totally agree!  During Ace I used a whole sprite tile set just to get a notice board that did its job!  Thanks for making this!
  11. Wehtam

    Yanfly Prefix Suffix items

    Sorry about that!  Here is a link to the plugin and description of it:
  12. Wehtam

    Yanfly Prefix Suffix items

    Hi everyone I have been learning and doing a lot to my game niw that I understand plug in much better. Still having trouble with understanding adding prefix and suffix settings onto items. I'm using Yanfly's item core and he talks about it but doesn't go into greater detail. Hope someone can...
  13. Wehtam

    MP and TP bars

    I love you!!!  This is exactly what I was looking for!  
  14. Wehtam

    MP and TP bars

    Hi all, I'm not 100% sure if this is the right spot for this question... I want to change "TP" into "Rage" (that is the easy part) and make it so that the "Rage" bar only shows up for my "Warrior" Class and the "MP" bar only shows up for the magic base classes.  I've had trouble making this...
  15. Wehtam

    More Icon Sets 1/23/16 Update

    I tried adding a dropbox link.. I'm having some trouble sharing images the right way and making it so it comes out with that "Spoiler" button.
  16. Wehtam

    The Butcher

    Sounds great, yes this one will be free.  I wanted to make a purchasable game and have an idea for what it would be (which has a much more original story) but I figure something with a bit of a guideline for me to cut my teeth with first would be a good idea.  I'm almost done with my edits on...
  17. Wehtam

    More Icon Sets 1/23/16 Update

    Thanks!  Hope they get put to good use!
  18. Wehtam

    The Butcher

    Hi again everyone!  So I'm efforts to make a semi Diablo feel game have been going very well so far but you can't have a Diablo type game without The Butcher!  I edited the heck out of the SF Enemy graphic for the MV provided butcher (I hope these edits are enough that I can be posting it but...
  19. Wehtam

    RPG Maker Freebies Part 01

    Hey!  Thanks for including me in here  :)
  20. Wehtam

    Equip Slots Core

    Problem solved, turned out the code was working the whole time!  I just forgot to assign that armor type to the specific class I was using to test the code *facepalm*

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