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  1. Authumbla

    How compatible is Victor Engine with Yanfly's Core Engine?

    My question is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin - I'm using Victor Engine to handle SFonts and for its "Bitmap Smooth Fix" plugin (We're going with a 16 bit look), and Yanfly's engine to handle everything else. Are there any bugs that I'll have to watch out for? If all else fails...
  2. Authumbla

    Changing Fonts Causes RPG Maker MV To Fail To Load?

    (Placing this here because I'm assuming this is an issue common to all RPG Maker builds, although on further reflection this probably isn't the right place for it) I'm trying to change the font my game uses to Futura (Light), and while I have it installed on my system and the font inside my...
  3. Authumbla

    Changing Plugin Names - Organization

    I'm using a lot of Yanfly's plugins in my game, and from my understanding I need to install each of them in order so there's as little chance of wonky interactions between plugins as possible. I originally tried putting a number in front of each plugin's name so that I could organize them more...
  4. Authumbla

    Preventing Title Screen Music From Repeating

    My game's title screen music is very short and only plays once - sort of like the intro music from Earthbound or Chrono Trigger. I'm under the impression that the way I'd make the title screen music play once would be to change it from a BGM to a ME, but I'm not sure how to do this. If...
  5. Authumbla

    Using 16x16 tiles in MV

    Hi all, I suspect that this isn't going to be possible, but I'd like to know before proceeding either way. I'm working on a game with some rather oddly proportioned tiles and sprites. We're using extremely SNESy aesthetics - our tiles are 16x16, our player sprites are 16x32, and the game...

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