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  1. Kupotepo

    How you tackle Classes and Skills Progression/Customization

    I want to have 20 skills for each class. Use that, and divide it by 100 levels, then you get 5. So that means, every 5 levels, that class will get a skill. So say your first skill will be at level 5. Thank you @Garler for that approach. However, I give five skills for each class right off at...
  2. Kupotepo

    Is there another way of combination elements to create new random magic skill?

    I think I can do this with the show text and show choices which called from the common event and use the 4 variables to track 4 elements. Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. However, I have to do 16 combinations of nested conditional breaches to check to combine elements of two. Victor Engine Mix...
  3. Kupotepo

    Temporary Fusion Skill

    Something did not work and I need help. Nah, I am just messing with you. Summon Core – MV Plugin and Replace Summons Plugin - SumRndmDde <Summon Replace Party> Place this in a summon Skill and that Skill will temporarily remove the party while the summon is active. <Summon Replace User>...
  4. Kupotepo

    How Many Turns Do You Prefer to Fight Enemies?

    You are right that I have considered the number of troops, the stats of them, and types of enemies. I understand this is a very general question. However, I would like to know how you handle this. Do not have to commit to a specific tune to end the combat. You can give me a range of what you...
  5. Kupotepo

    What anti-heroes' personalities do you would like or hate?

    The list below just arbitrary examples. More importantly, what personalities or behaviors you like to see in the anti-hero characters? Thank you everyone for your patience with me.
  6. Kupotepo

    Randomness Elements in Your Games

    I see the game makers here usually implement the randomness to create the replayability of their games. :smile::smile::smile: I can feel that you feel like I am beating a dead horse on this subject. Please hear me out. RNG = 1. create a challenge feeling or 2. a new discovering feeling 3. let...
  7. Kupotepo

    Choice Paralysis Dillama

    First of all hello to people who would like to analyze and reflective to get new good ideas. How much customize do you allow players to modify? Do you ever receive the players' complain about too many choices? "I am confusing about which one to pick from." Analysis paralysis = we try to assess...
  8. Kupotepo

    How to you cover up the plot holds on your games?

    The writing on the papers and the computer is fine. We can look back and laugh at what we have done. In the execution of the games, what is the main focus of this thread? 1. If the personality of a character suddenly changes, what do you do? Do you explain it to the players? Do you stretch the...
  9. Kupotepo

    What are different writing techniques do you use in your rpg games or rpg games?

    Just make thing short and sweet: I would like to see when text ends and play begins. What do literary devices do you use? long monologues An apologue is a moral fable such as Aesop's fable stories and an traditional lore in the rpg game about bababa, the past hero who had defeated the evil...
  10. Kupotepo

    What is the social status of the main protagonist in RPG games you prefer to start with?

    I agree with the silent majority of people here that you like the diverse background characters. Would you want your protagonists to be: The bottom of society: homeless [now a natural feeling wonderer ], gang member, pr***itute, and thief, and slave[ now is a natural feeling, servent]...
  11. Kupotepo

    RMMV Looking for Ideas for Traps

    I create a [military] scout class's skills in my game and I try to come up with the name of the traps and the trap effect. I let you know something I tried to create turn-based trigging skills [Please do not get distracted with my mumble]. Animal hunter or ranger, outdoor survivalist experience...
  12. Kupotepo

    [Survey] [USA]WRPG & [Eastern]JRPG Player's Experience

    In the past, people did talk about the distinctions of those RPG and definition of them. Today, I would like to do an observation of the player's experience in general. Yes, there are many possibilities but, I think of those preferences out from my head right now. Please say something outside...
  13. Kupotepo

    Do you have noncombat party members in your games?

    Between the village-bound NPC and a full-on party member lies the non-combat party member. The good examples of NCPMs are Octopath Traveler, Fire Emblem, Moonlighter [2018], and Dragon Quest 1&3. Thank you for contributing to the conversation. How you implement those types of members? [Do you...
  14. Kupotepo

    How many Non-English RPG maker forums out there?

    I know there is a Japanese RPG forum. I would like to know the different language RPG forums maybe I could find more resources and talk to new people. Thank you for let me know.
  15. Kupotepo

    How do you conduct playtesting ?

    I did the search, but I did not see the result. My apology to you if you found this thread to be unworthy or unclear. I usually, ask the question like that. For examples of the testing process: [Again, I did not know the behind scene of your planning and operating. lol ]:smile: 1. Recruit your...
  16. Kupotepo

    What is you reaction to these words?

    Sorry, if I put it in the wrong section. I debate with myself over this to put in the general discussion or general lounge. I think people already ask in the general: What counts as insults or extreme dialogue, and in what context?, but I would like to ask about the specific words.:kaojoy...
  17. Kupotepo

    How do you implement a newspaper system in your world?

    I am sorry if I post the thread in the wrong section. It is about execution include events and mapping in the game.:LZSooo: I think that you are planning or having newspaper stands/posts/walls/boards around different cities in your world. I think it is a wired question. Please bear with...
  18. Kupotepo

    Structure Cultures in Your world.

    While I index the cultures in my world, I wonder how others organized the cultures in their world. A culture is a standard norm in society. It includes clothing, foods and drinks, social interactions, and common values. It is a really broad subject for me. It is true. It is so true that...
  19. Kupotepo

    Regional English Phase, Slang, and Meaning

    This thread is intended for people to share their phrases and words with different meanings. Special thanks to @Cythera for the idea. Because the English deviate from the mother language to create a new English word or phrase which popular in some parts of the world. This thread objective to...
  20. Kupotepo

    What do you prefer as a player?

    Completist: this player likes to cover the game 100%. It feels great for this player to finish a game completely. Explorer: this player likes to move around the maps and look around the new locations. Collector: this player likes to collect items and craft items. Challenger: this player likes to...

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