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  1. FralKritic

    RMMV Pass It On Prototype

    Hey Guys! We have a prototype ready for a little to big community project we would like to pull off, our main goal is to help fellow developers new and advanced, learn RPG MAKER MV, build creatively explosive games with teams, and lastly publish something great, We will tell you more in our...
  2. FralKritic

    FREE Silly Stones: A Community Project

    Hey fellow content creators! We come to you guys with an amazing community project, that we'd love you to be apart of! Engine: RPG MAKER MV Synopsis: (IN DEVELOPMENT STAGE | SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Silly Stones is a game about seven extremely strong stones, that a young boy must recover to be...
  3. FralKritic

    Serious Vs Playful Gaming Graphics?

    Let me start by defining what I mean by Serious And Playful, I will use games to give you an idea Serious Games with a life-threatening story-rich environment. By Life-threatening I mean, your choices may make you have to start over and by Story-rich, I mean the game pretty much revolves around...
  4. FralKritic

    Bookmarks and Comments Database For Quicker Search

    Description of the Feature: However, I believe a better searcher, would be a bookmark window, kinda like a table of content created by the user as they make the game. Example Of New System Main Story Sarah Leaves Sarah Finds Pearl - Decision #1...
  5. FralKritic

    RMMV Mysterious Revenge (One Map Challenge)

    Hey There Fellow Content Creators! Fral Kritic here with something fun for you to scrap a few minutes away with! Now... let me find those pictures! BOOM BAM ZAM!! Ah! At last, my entry for the One Map Challenge has arrived... A little late on arrive; probably won't be tipping that delivery...
  6. FralKritic

    Visual Novel Maker: Has anyone made any games yet?

    Hey Fellow Creators! I got to use Visual Novel Maker for the trial period on steam and thought it was pretty cool, a little glitchy, but cool. Since then, I haven't seen any finish or in the making production from it, perhaps I am not looking hard enough, but if you have seen any finished or...
  7. FralKritic

    The Time Has Come!

    Hey fellow creators! I haven't introduced myself yet, and now with me being here for almost a full month, the time has come! My name is Fral Kritic, I am a content creator at a company, I and my team are consistently developing; Filtered Arts. I am skilled in web development, drawing...

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