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  1. Black_Fox

    Rising Sun - Life Sim Recruitment

    I'd be happy to help out as a writer. Creating characters is a strong suit of mine. If you need writing examples I can send them to you c:
  2. Black_Fox

    'New Beginnings' Simulation Game Recruitment

    Hello, I'd like to be a writer for this project! I have some short stories I can send to you as samples of my work.
  3. Black_Fox

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm happy to be here c:
  4. Black_Fox

    VX/Ace Resource Showcase Directory

    Thanks a bunch for this list!
  5. Black_Fox

    Hey everyone!

    Hey there, first time user of rmvxa but I have used vx for a short while before it. Its my goal to make a couple of free games with a focus on story to build up a portfolio that I can show off c: Other than that I love videogames of all kinds. I use both console and pc/mac. Everytime there's a...

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