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    Increase Variable by random amount when using Attack skills[Semi-Solved]

    Hello! I'm mainly an artist and not a programmer, so I got stumped when trying to use a script call in my attack skill's damage formula and it didn't work. Basically, I want most skills to increase a variable based on which actor is using that skill by a random amount (1-3 currently). I've been...
  2. SmashArtist

    Ultimate Effekseer Animation Contest by Driftwood Gaming

    Submitted my entry! Honestly pretty intimidated by the current entries, I hope I do well. :kaoswt2: (also hoping the file actually works as intended, otherwise that would suck)
  3. SmashArtist

    You can do it! Make sure to take breaks every now and then. :kaohi:

    You can do it! Make sure to take breaks every now and then. :kaohi:
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    Need help deciding a battler theme... Cast your vote!

    Voted for Pirate and Medieval themes, since those are the ones that would fit with most of my game themes! I agree with this, daggers and sword are definitely the most fitting. :D
  5. SmashArtist

    Welcome back! :kaohi:

    Welcome back! :kaohi:
  6. SmashArtist

    Hello hello

    Hey, welcome to the forums! Looking forward to seeing your project! :D
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    Welcome to the forums!:kaohi:
  8. SmashArtist

    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    @Archeia That was hilarious and informative! Sad that different tile sizes won't be available by default, but still really excited for all the new and improved features! Would love to see more skits like this in the future! :kaoluv:
  9. SmashArtist

    Wait I just realized the link to it is "elfkisser". :LZSlol:

    Wait I just realized the link to it is "elfkisser". :LZSlol:
  10. SmashArtist

    Ultimate Effekseer Animation Contest by Driftwood Gaming

    Welp, I'm probably not gonna make anything amazing, but I'm learning Elfkisser as best I can. It's actually pretty simple, but you can do a lot with the options that are there! :kaojoy:
  11. SmashArtist

    That does look pretty cool! :LZSooo:

    That does look pretty cool! :LZSooo:
  12. SmashArtist

    Hihi! :D

    Hey, welcome! Glad to have you join us! :kaohi:
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    New to this Forum

    Welcome to the forums! :kaojoy:
  14. SmashArtist

    Great job! :kaojoy:

    Great job! :kaojoy:
  15. SmashArtist

    New YouTube Channel!

    I voted for all three, but if it's for just one video I would definitely go for devlog! I'd love to see what your project is and your progress in it!
  16. SmashArtist

    [SOLVED] What is the name of this Font?

    Just wanted to say, the screenshot is from Archeia's game: Therese Saves the World! It's thread can be found here: The font mentioned is:
  17. SmashArtist

    RMMV Wireland

    Ah, my bad, I read the description on this page, but not the one on itch. Good luck to you on future projects! :kaopride:
  18. SmashArtist

    RMMV Wireland

    I finished my playthrough! Here's my feedback: PROS: Beautiful artwork, very cute, nice character designs Interesting characters Simple, but compelling story Fitting music CONS: mapping is pretty empty, could use some improvements Sometimes battles were hard, but thankfully grinding was easy...
  19. SmashArtist

    RMMV Wireland

    You have a very cute art style! Will definitely be playing this later on, so be prepared to get some feedback! :kaopride:
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