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  1. mlogan

    Exit event processing from another event or a common event?

    MV Support I don't believe you will need a plugin for this from what I'm understanding. If I understand correctly, you want to end a parallel process event from another event? If so, you need to have a second page in the parallel process event with a condition set as a switch. Then have the...
  2. mlogan

    Marvel's Netflix Daredevil / Defenders & Ghost Rider - Character Sprites & SV Battlers

    @Xavier02 You can't. These characters were made using the base from RPG Maker MV base assets and you cannot use any of those assets outside of RPG Maker engines.
  3. mlogan

    Nelderson's MV Online Core

    @BreakerZero As a moderating staff, we are not going to do anything about this plugin. It's not our place to do so. This is not a legal matter. It is up to Nelderson what to do in this situation. If you'd like to advise them on the changes that will affect the plugin, then great, do so. But...
  4. mlogan

    Temporary Fusion Skill

  5. mlogan

    Can I change plugin parameters separately?

    Plugin Support
  6. mlogan

    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #3: Character Generator, Plugin Manager, Event: Plugin Command!

    I’m going to propose a name that starts with M or Z, since the RTP names spell out RPG Maker. You could change gradients in MV, you just had to overwrite a gradient. There is somewhere in MV resources a more realistic hair color gradient file someone created years ago.
  7. mlogan

    @Finnuval What is that song from?

    @Finnuval What is that song from?
  8. mlogan

    Grilled cheese is always a good choice.

    Grilled cheese is always a good choice.
  9. mlogan

    Can someone Please Resize this image and sprite to fit in VX Ace?

    Yeah, that is what I suspected. We don't support rips here, posting them, using them or asking for help with them. From our rules:
  10. mlogan

    Can someone Please Resize this image and sprite to fit in VX Ace?

    @RedPack007 Can you link to where you got these sprites please?
  11. mlogan

    Asking about the mimic skill

    @unknown1211 This is not the correct forum for this question, but I'm not sure where I need to move it to. What engine are you using? And are you using a script or plugin to mimic these skills?
  12. mlogan

    dont know where to post this

    Plugin Support Can you please give more information so people can help you? Have you tried anything? If so, what? If that didn't work, what errors are you getting? If you haven't tried anything, have you read through the instructions of the plugin?
  13. mlogan

    A wild woman appears! Man flirts at it in confusion! (the personal picture thread)

    That mask is wonderful and horrifying at the same time.
  14. mlogan

    Making the html5 canvas transparent for integrate game in web

    Learning Javascript Not 100% certain this is where it needs to be though.
  15. mlogan

    Just a question

    XP Support
  16. mlogan

    I agree, 2 is the easiest to read.

    I agree, 2 is the easiest to read.
  17. mlogan

    RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

    Yep, trying to catch up over morning coffee is no fun.
  18. mlogan

    Newbie here

    Welcome! I moved this to Introductions/Farewells for you.
  19. mlogan

    How to import sprites bigger than 8x8

    Yeah, it's actually not self-explanatory. If you mean 8x8 pixels, you'd import them the same way you would any other sprites, though at that size you'd have collision issues. If you mean 8x8 frames you will need to find a script that allows for more frames because as the previous poster said...

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