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  1. killerfer

    Tiled Plugin (Demo for RMMV 1.3.0+ Released)

    Something's happening and I don't know if it is a bug or if I should expect it to happen. I'm gonna try to explain it step by step. 1- I create a map in TileD, import tilesets, and save it. 2- I playtest in RPG Maker, everything works fine. 3- I go back to TileD to edit the map, import tilesets...
  2. killerfer

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    This is absolutely amazing. Thank you.
  3. killerfer

    Refresh the Equip Scene

    A already have that script, it's a dependency for Dynamic Slots. =/ I am pretty newbie when it comes to RGSS3 but I don't think it's the Window Class I should refresh, it is the SceneEquip? Sorry if i'm wrong. I took a look at the SceneEquip and it has @slot_window.refresh on item ok, optimize...
  4. killerfer

    Refresh the Equip Scene

    Yeah, that didn't work... Let me try to elaborate. In my commom event, I add slots to the actor using Hime - Dynamic Equip Slots whenever he/she equips an item, and I remove the slots when he/she unequips. It's working fine, except Hime's script doens't refresh the Equip Scene, it just adds to...
  5. killerfer

    Refresh the Equip Scene

    I'm using a common event inside the equip scene (with Hime - Scene Interpreter), and I need to refresh the equip scene (more specifically the slots window) after the event is over. Is there a way to do it with a script call from the event? I'm using VX Ace btw.
  6. killerfer

    Trying to make a Libra/Scan skill Script

    @Tsumio My bad, gonna edit the first post, I'm not talking about MV, I'm talking about Vx Ace. I thought I didn't need to say cause this is the Ruby Forum. Edit: Solved.
  7. killerfer

    Trying to make a Libra/Scan skill Script

    Trying to make a libra skill in Rpg Maker Vx Ace. My skill saves the enemy index in a variable. Sooo I made this: target = $game_troop.members[$game_variables[23]] What I want to do is this: target.hp to get the enemy hp target.mhp to get the enemy max hp and so on. From what I've read I'm...
  8. killerfer

    Updated to MV 1.5.0 and now I can't use it

    Thanks man, I checked the integrity of the files and it worked.
  9. killerfer

    Updated to MV 1.5.0 and now I can't use it

    So, been away for a couple months and tought I would return to rpg maker. Steam updated to mv 1.5.0. Followed the instructions in the page, but my game was not working. So here is what I did. Created a new project. Hit playtest. New Game. Error. Please help.
  10. killerfer

    VE - Free Jump

    @Victor Sant how do I call the jump from a script call instead of pressing the button? I want to add some things before the actor jump (like changing its graphic and playing a sound).
  11. killerfer

    Party Manager

    Hello @Tsukihime can you make this plugin compatible with QMovement?
  12. killerfer

    Maru's MV Bits

    Those Tarot cards are awesome :D Can we have them without the names so we can put them in our own language? Thanks ;)
  13. killerfer

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    @Yanfly Did one of the updates of the Battle Engine Core change the default "repeat" option for skills? I created a new project with only Battle Engine Core and no matter what I put in the repeat box, the skill and the damage only happens one time.
  14. killerfer

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    Thanks :D
  15. killerfer

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    Hello @Galv sorry to bother again. I'm trying to make a system where one of my characters summon turrets that fire in a fixed direction. To do that I'm using GALV_EventSpawner. The problem is, I don't know the id of the event that will spawn. Can I ask you to implement a way to reference "this...
  16. killerfer

    Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    It works now thanks :) But it takes a lot of time to load the quests (2 minutes more or less, using the original gameus file that only has 3 quests) and every time I open the icon change window it takes a lot of time loading again (again 2 minutes, but I do have a pretty large iconsheet 7000+...
  17. killerfer

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    Thanks @Galv :D
  18. killerfer

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    @Galv I noticed the <projBlock:x> notetag, makes the 'x' projectile go through the event. Is there a way to make the projectile hit the event, play the animation, and NOT trigger the action? I'm using this for puzzles and it's really strange when my bullets go through the switch and hit...
  19. killerfer

    Having trouble with YED - Sideview Battler

    Hmm so that's what's causing the bug. I never needed those tags before I updated the plugins. While it does make the battler animate fine if I set those tags, it causes other problems. By setting the width and height of the full sheet, yanfly plugin makes the hitbox of the battler that size...
  20. killerfer

    Having trouble with YED - Sideview Battler

    @Archeia Can I have your notetag configuration, please? That way I can be sure if it's my mistake.

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