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  1. Looking for the following graphics RMMV

    Ok I tested them. They were bugged, so I created a sidewalk autotile and created other pieces. Here's a little test: Sorry for the bugged one :P
  2. Looking for the following graphics RMMV

    Thanks, I'm happy that you like them. Maybe I'll open a thread when I'll have more things to share.
  3. Looking for the following graphics RMMV

    I didn't thest them, but I've done something for the roads. Hope you'll like them. Free for use, commercial and not. I'd love a free copy of the game though :P
  4. Looking for the following graphics RMMV have you tried these? and there are some awesome icons. There's not too much yet, but don't desperate, MV...
  5. Window Skin Request

    You are welcome :)
  6. Need two of my characters wearing a bathing suit

    No terms in particular. If someone want can take the swimsuit and make a base for the character maker :) You are welcome ^^
  7. Need two of my characters wearing a bathing suit

    I tried. hope you'll like them:
  8. Window Skin Request

    I tried, but the icon is too big. I resized it. I used a windowskin of mine as base, so it should work fine, but I'm not sure about the corners. I can't test anymore with ace so I'm not sure.
  9. Tileset, Sprites, Pixel Artist

    You should say which style you need them. RTP? Pixel Art like pixel myth? RTP is not pixelart, so you may need rtp artist more than pixel artist.
  10. Time Fantasy, School Tiles and more!

    OMG those tiles are...are...omg I love them. Mostly fantasy ones. But the school bundle is sure interesting. Which part of game development is the most exciting for you and why? Mapping. Well, I think that's obvious for the omg I love those tiles part. I love gorgeous maps. And I love tiles...
  11. RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    Entry: I like the green haired guy from XP, the fighter-04. Depsite the battler, I always imaginated him like an handsome guy like Terence from Ace. Dunno why. I like long hair dudes I guess XD If it has to be a RTP character with a name...well I suppose terence will do then :D
  12. Pirates, Steampunk, Madness and Magic!

    Entry: Planning. Ever and before doing everything.
  13. Audiostock, Parallax Mapping Guide and Wild Steam

    If you could choose the theme for our next tileset pack, what would it be and why? Mh...A Prehistoric pack? Usually we find jungle but nothing like a prehistoric tribe. It could be useful for games  like Chrono Trigger with time travels and such. With caves, prehistoric trees (not just the...
  14. Fraexcel's Shop

    what the...oh well who needs sleep anyway? XD
  15. Truck Tiles

    In the zombie graphic pack there are military veichles: Try grandma list too:
  16. ReStaff December 2014

    I love them, good job everyone! Thank you <3
  17. JoSeraph's Resource Factory! <3

    I love the tiles I don't think it's awkward at all :D I love the caracter bases too, I think they'll go very well with those tiles :)
  18. Am I good enough to be paid?

    I think you know my opinion, I commented the maps on DA the other day. For me, your skills are more than enough, but you should surelly try to provide more example with more varied scene, like. A city (or a village, or a port town), a forest,  a dungeon (fire, ice, mine, as before, the one you...
  19. A couple of Lkoh's sprites

    Daaww I love the dryad one <3 Hope I'll see the other like the mechanic, the steampunker and the tinkerer. Uh and the nurse <3
  20. Juunanagou tileset and stuff

    Wow thank you <3 I haven't ever thought about selling my tiles, I don't think they are worth paying because they are quite incomplete (and I don't even know how I should charge for them lol) but I'm happy someone would pay for them, it's the best compliment I've ever recived :D I'll try to...

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