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  1. Wavelength

    Finnuval's FrontView Battlers

    Just one set in and you've already got a large assortment of very well-made battler graphics!! Very nice work, Finnuval. All of them have a ton of personality. I think the Octopus Mimic is my favorite. The way its tentacles run in and out of the treasure chest is quite hypnotic.
  2. Wavelength

    AoE Skills in Boss Fights

    Wow! What a big response of thoughtful, clever approaches!! In addition to a few very unique ways to make AoE skills useful in boss fights, I noticed four popular general answers that were coming up a lot here, and each makes a lot of sense: Accept that it's OK for AoE skills to be nearly...
  3. Wavelength

    Synergistic & Lenticular Design

    Yup, at some point you do have to just try some numbers, and in this case the 0.4 was completely arbitrary. But if you pay careful attention to things like "how often do my enemies use a counterable skill" during playtesting, your number will be a lot less arbitrary! :)
  4. Wavelength

    "Enemy appear" command: Sliding down from top of the screen rather than fading in

    As a non-plugin solution, if you only have one (or a few) enemies who do this, you could show the enemy's battler graphic as a Picture ("Show Picture" event command), use Move Picture to slide it into place, and then once it's in place, have the actual Battler spawn in (which will happen behind...
  5. Wavelength

    Help merging two scripts

    Moved to Learning JavaScript This board generally has the best answers for questions like this.
  6. Wavelength

    Synergistic & Lenticular Design

    To use a relatively simple but realistic example, imagine your "most average" character has a "bread and butter" ability they'll be using most turns, which deals 100 damage with a certain realistic combination of stats, and has a 30% chance to Burn enemies for a fixed 20 damage per turn for 3...
  7. Wavelength

    Simutaneous positive and negative charecter arc?

    Quite honestly, if you look up Edgic (editing logic) sites for Survivor or similar reality shows, those can be enlightening on this kind of topic about how to show someone in both a positive and negative light. Look specifically for descriptions of characters who are given a "OTTM" (Over The...
  8. Wavelength

    Synergistic & Lenticular Design

    It's a good question that deserves a much more expanded discussion (few developers get it totally right), but to answer in a more summary manner: I usually avert this issue by having one stat equate to exactly one benefit (more HP, higher crits, more frequent actions, etc.), and by avoiding the...
  9. Wavelength

    [VX Ace] VE Materia - AP Gain Script Command

    @slickdeath97 Does this happen whenever you're using the materia system, or only when you have used @Another Fen's suggested fix? If it's whenever you're using the materia system, you should create a new thread rather than necro someone else's (where most people will look at the original post)...
  10. Wavelength

    Game With AI Generated Story?

    Imagine if the AI was also responsible for animating a 3D cinematic that matched its absurd writing!! I'm actually quite impressed by how coherent the dialogue structure is in that video, though, and how good its "memory" about previous lines is. Those are two dimensions on which every chatbot...
  11. Wavelength

    Multiple parallel events, bad idea?

    It depends on what your events are executing like @Eliaquim said (a variable change every 30 frames is a lot different than a graphical effect or several thousand loops through a complex script block). But also, be aware that even moderate numbers (10-20) of parallel events running at once can...
  12. Wavelength

    RMVXA How do you feel about playing comedic projects?

    I only like comedic games when the characters are likable! Making the characters act like capricious, sociopathic a**holes is rarely funny, and even if you're good enough to make it funny (South Park proves it can be pulled off, whereas most of FOX's animation proves how rare that feat is), it...
  13. Wavelength

    A Couple of Misc. Questions...

    Water. Water has an association with cleansing and therefore clearing away ill effects from magic, making it slot into the MDF slot nicely in a thematic sense. Water is also relatively viscous, meaning it can "absorb" elemental effects nicely - fire, lightning, and light can shoot through...
  14. Wavelength

    How you tackle Classes and Skills Progression/Customization

    I see advantages and disadvantages in both styles. When you can re-spec at will, it allows the player a ton of freedom to try new styles, find out what they love, test out their crazy ideas without any anxiety, and even go deep into specialized builds to counter certain enemies/bosses/other...
  15. Wavelength

    How you tackle Classes and Skills Progression/Customization

    I started designing it about 2 years ago, and started working on it last year (as a second priority to my "main" project which is almost finished). The spellbuilding system and battle system are very far along, but the rest of the game is still in its infancy. I'm looking at 2022 as a (very...
  16. Wavelength

    Stat Requirements for Weapons?

    That is refreshingly honest! :thumbsup-left::):thumbsup-right: Haha, it would... and in some way, weapons inherently account for that. If the attack formula is based on Strength or some similar stat, then the mage isn't going to be all that effective with that huge warbow, whereas a high-STR...
  17. Wavelength

    How you tackle Classes and Skills Progression/Customization

    I like mixing this up depending on the game, and it definitely depends on the structure (if it's different than a standard epic RPG) and on your other mechanics in the game as well. Here are five different systems I've implemented in my own (complete or unfinished) games in the past, with the...
  18. Wavelength

    Stat Requirements for Weapons?

    Stats can already be used (and almost always are used) to determine how effective you are at doing things with a weapon, so I don't really see any point to gating the actual use of weapons behind stats, unless you're aiming for a less-reliable (and therefore I think also kind of pointless)...
  19. Wavelength

    Can an enemy that deals no damage be interesting?

    As a tutorial-type safe space, or as a challenge to make sure the player has grasp of a certain mechanic, sure!! But as a regular "encounter" that can show up anywhere within a dungeon, no.

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